1947 Eatery (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

Tucked hidden in Federal street of Auckland’s CBD is this wonderful Indian restaurant which I can safely say on of the best Indian restaurants Auckland has to offer. When you come in and get seated everything will be explained to you even where they got their name, 1947 will be a year most Indians would know but for those who do not know the Indian History it was their year of independence.

They serve amazing dishes, like I said everything is explained hence most of your orders will come with a thorough introduction of what the dish is which is good specially for first timers of the Indian cuisine. They even suggest what their good ones are and what’s suited for you depending on your preferences.

We started with some complimentary peanuts and Curry Chips (NZ$9.00), basically French fries served with butter sauce, melted cheese, onion, coriander & mayonnaise. This is the Indians take to poutine and they did it really well, balanced flavour and spices, very addictive.

Next starter was this Chilli Chicken (NZ$14.00), a deep-fried chicken tossed in soy sauce, chilli, capsicum, onion, feels like Chinese but hits you like an Indian, I love the zing on this one.

I had to pair it with some Kingfisher, nothing is as Indian as this beer, I reckon it should be done especially when you are dining in on an Indian restaurant.

Another sort of appetizer that we grabbed is this Tandoori Chicken (NZ$ 24.00), on bone, chicken pieces marinated in yogurt, green chillies, cumin, cardamom, black salt, mustard oil and lemon served with salad. Again, without a doubt it was very tasty, juicy and very tender.

Then came the mains, starting with the Chicken Biryani (NZ$22.00). A dish made with layers of chicken and rice cooked together to produce the most flavoursome royal dish, served with raita. One of the best Biryani’s I ever tried, the raita topping makes it even more special as it complements with the spicy rice where every bite is an explosion of something spicy, creamy and soothing.

Next up was the curries, first was Bang Bang Butter Chicken (NZ$20.00), it has to be done as an Aucklander, we love our butter chickens. This dish is nothing different from the usual great butter chickens sold in Auckland, its finger licking good, tangy-sweet creamy curry.

Malai Kofta (NZ$21.00) was up next, a dish of deep fried paneer, potato and flour dumplings tossed in rich, smooth cashew gravy. A dish you just want to dunk your Garlic Naans (NZ$5.00) all day.

We also got some dry curry in the form of Dry Goat Curry (NZ$22.00), prepared by slow cooking goat cuts with bone with dark spices in thick onion gravy. Another tasty treat, another great dish.

Was quite full after this whole affair, no sauce was left un-mopped and not bones left intact with meat. It was certainly one of the best Indian restaurants you will find in Auckland. I highly recommend this place, it’s an establishment that you will get five-star treatment at an affordable price.

1947 Eatery
Address: 60 Federal St, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand
Phone: +649 377 0033
Websites: http://1947eatery.co.nz

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  1. Looks like you had a huge and wonderful meal!

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