Soul Growers (Tanunda, Australia)

Like I said on our last Winery post this next one will be very special, it’s so special the wine growers prepared a feast for us. When you visit this place you literally just visited the Soul of the Barossa as these guys who operate this place are the same guys behind the more popular bigger brands of wine in the region. These guys started as best mates and all of their passion is to create great wines, they don’t have a massive vineyard so they source out grapes from different location from small growers.

From their site it states:

Soul Growers stands for everything that is great about the Barossa; shared wisdom, new ideas, mate-ship and a passion for making and enjoying great wine. It was born out of a friendship of four dedicated souls who saw the opportunity to join forces and chase their dream of creating wines and a brand that reflected their view of the Barossa. Paul, Tom, Leigh and Stu had worked together previously in a corporate world but were convinced that their future would one day be an uncomplicated, handmade and lovingly nurtured winemaking enterprise, that revolved around the very core of the Barossa Valley – the growers – who toil each day to produce beautiful fruit, just waiting to be made into wine. We see the grape growers of the Barossa Valley as being the very soul of the region, hence our brand. Our goal is to let the vineyards we work with show through in our wines. Where nature provides, we only guide. With this in mind we strive to make sure Soul Growers wines emphasise the regional and varietal flavours of our beloved Barossa Valley. The essence of what we strive for is to ensure a lifestyle that is good for the Soul; wine, food, family, music, mates and fun

And that is the story they tell when they host someone in their vineyard. Only open via invite or appointment this place feels like you are a member of their crew. Upon entering you be greeted warmly and immediately feel at home, people here are vibrant and funny and the one that hosted our group was Stu.

It started with a bit of history of how Soul Growers started then continued on with the variety of wines and grapes then into the tasting. Starting with something light, something sweet like the 2017 Soul Sister Rose (AU $25.00) a lovely rose, its freshy with hints of strawberry.

Then with the 2017 Equilibrium GSM(AU $28.00), the acronym “GSM” means Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre a type of blended red wine from those grape variety mentioned. A full-bodied GSM with hints of liquorice, blackberry, cherry and coffee, slight oak finish. Soul Growers call it the Soul of Blending.

Then comes the Shiraz, first was this 2017 Provident Shiraz (AU $28.00), Fruity, juicy, slightly acidic, can taste the oak and hints of coffee. Good for its price.

Next is the 2016 Slow Grown Shiraz (AU $60.00), dark rich in colour this wine is good. Boysenberry, Plum and hints of oak, slightly earthy. Great wine.

And finally, for the big gun 2015 El Mejor Cabernet Mataro Shiraz (AU $110.00), from the name itself it means Spanish for “The Best”. Great Shiraz, though its full of flavours it was easy to drink. Fruity, complex, great Oak taste, one of the best Shiraz you will ever try.

After the tasting we were invited to see the whole cellar and they explain how they source, store and produce their wine. They also explained the different type of oak barrels and they even let us try the different stages of wine while it ferments, direct from the oak this was special. While doing all of that we were teased by the whole spit of lamb they were preparing for us as our dinner.

Thirty minutes later after all the wonderful tour of the facility we were gathered in one of the cellar rooms where the tables were set up. They prepared the dinner for us and it was specifically these four good blokes Paul, Tom, Leigh and Stu who prepared it all. They first served more wines plus some beer, then some cheese and nuts while waiting for our spit lamb.

While waiting for the lamb we had this amazing bread, not sure if they baked it was one of the best breads I had. Then the lamb came and it was divine, the best lamb I had in my life, honestly. Tender, juicy, very tasty not gamey at all, it was perfect dinner for a perfect event, in a perfect location.

After dinner we had more drinks while standing in a bonfire outside made with old oak barrel wood, we also had a chance to play some Kegel and old school style German Bowling.

A very nice experience indeed, good hosts, good company and amazing food and wine is an understatement.

Soul Growers Wines
Address: 218-230 Murray St, Tanunda SA 5352, Australia
Phone: +61 410 505 590


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