The Buffet at ARIA (Las Vegas, Nevada)

If you are in Las Vegas the best way to dine in is dining in Vegas style, the Buffet. Buffet in the Sin City is everywhere, most hotels even dedicated establishments offer it, from really cheap ones from US$7.99 to more than a $100 you name it they got it. During my trip there I did stayed in Aria so it is only logical to try their offering at their very own restaurant called “The Buffet at ARIA”, priced reasonable at US$24.99 for breakfast, US$28.9 for brunch, US$$38.99 for dinner and an option for an all-day pass for US$60.00. It was a good price specially if you see what they have on offer.

I came there for a brunch which start from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, you might need a reservation as this place tends to be busy, I came without reservation on a weekday at 11:00 AM and there was already a queue. I did wait in the line for at least 15 minutes but after that it was a breeze. Place was large enough and there are ample seating, there are eleven stations to choose from like the Fish Market where you get fresh seafood which includes crab (Snow Crab, Dungeness and Crab Claw), clams and prawns; an Asian station where you can get your dim sums dishes from Thailand, China and Japan ; an Italian Station where you can get made-to-order pasta, cured meats and cheeses, a mozzarella bar and gluten-free pasta; a pizza station where they serve New York style pies and calzone; Mediterranean station for the healthy options like salads from North Africa and the Middle East; a Tandoori station that prepares oven-fresh naan, chicken and vegetables; the Latin section for authentic dishes from Mexico, South America and Spain; a Carvery with a huge selection of meats from grilled, smoked and slow roasted pork, beef, chicken and lamb, assorted sausages, free-range turkey breast, all carved to order; of course an American Diner station where you can get classic American comfort food, including spiced meatloaf, chicken fried steak, grilled corn on the cob and their signature red velvet stuffed pancakes; a Salad station where you can create your own salad or baked potato with a large array of toppings; and finally a Sweets section where they serve different pastries, cookies, candies, cakes and an amazing selection of gelato.

There is something for everyone and there is no time limit unlike some buffet places. Make sure you come in on an empty stomach as this is heaven for food lovers. I did try to enjoy much of the food that I want but there a limit to what I can handle which was four plates 🙂 I did make most of what I can by grabbing my favourites and the ones that I don’t usually eat on a regular basis.

I did started with some clam chowder then went straight to the Asian and Seafood sections I grabbed some fried rice (wrong move but I am Asian, I need this to survive), some shumai, spicy clams on cream sauce, large prawns and a steamed bun. I tried to enjoy them slowly and savour everything. Clams and prawns was my favourite, the sauce from the clams is both creamy and spicy, feels like I need a crusty bread to grab all of that sauce but I did not, it will just add to my baggage.

Next plate was mainly from the carvery where I had some roast beef, a large sausage, prawn dumplings and some Asian greens. I was impressed with the selection of meats at the carvery, there are so much choices it was confusing.

For my dessert plate I did grabbed something like a brandy snaps but filled with pistachio cream, some fancy popcorn, marshmallows, rice crispy bar and a couple of gelato flavours. I also did tried some drinks like horchata and Jamaica which did like.

I did enjoyed my meal, it was a good quality feed, I just hope I have space on my tummy to enjoy the tons of options here. Maybe next time, when I visit Vegas again.

The Buffet at ARIA
Address: ARIA Resort & Casino Las Vegas, 3730 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA


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