Ramen Katanaya (Las Vegas, Nevada)

I had a short one-week trip in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago and after a few days I was starting to crave for Ramen and I never knew that it was hard really hard to find, especially when you want it to be walking distance to your hotel.

I was staying at the Aria and after searching at Google Maps, it seems the nearest one from where I am was at least a kilometre away, who knew? In a place like Las Vegas you would think everything is easy to find within your arm reach.

The one I found was this place called Ramen Katanaya located in the Grand Bazaar Shops conveniently in Las Vegas Boulevard at least I don’t have to walk in Las Vegas dark alleys and stick to where most of the people are walking. After a bit of walking I arrived hungry and ready to eat, luckily there was some spare seat for me and I went straight to my business.

Looking at the menu what fancied me was this Yokozuna Ramen (US $15.50) which reminds me of that wrestler in WWE during the 90’s which led me to think this ramen will fit for a sumo wrestler, indeed it was. A ramen that includes two pieces of Karaage, two pieces of gyoza, two slices of chashu with assorted vegetables and boiled egg in Tonkotsu broth served on a large bowl, it was indeed to fill up your hunger and craving.

And if that was not enough I also ordered some Takoyaki (US $6.00) as my side dish.

It was a good meal, very filling, very delicious and very comforting, cravings were satisfied. I did struggle finishing it but in the end, I managed to. The broth was flavoursome, rich pork stock with the added oils of the fried gyoza and karaage it was a hunger and hangover cure.

To finish it all up I also grabbed a Ramune Lychee Soda, served on an interesting bottle where you need a PHD in opening it (jokes), this was something new to me and never encountered a bottling procedure like this. Sealed with a bottle cap with a glass marble on top to hold the gas from coming out, you will need to use the bottle caps pointed end to push it down and hear a pop and you’re ready to go.

I would recommend this place, now I know when I come back here and crave for some noodles there is a place to fill that void.

Ramen Katanaya
Address: 3615 S Las Vegas Blvd #109, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA
Phone: +1 702-586-6889
Website: http://www.ramen-katanaya.com


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