Swiss Chicken Wings

Like our post two days ago the name does not really define what this dish is, like the Wedding soup where it does not relate to any wedding, same as this dish, it did not originate in Switzerland but in Hong Kong. Though there is no concrete explanation on its name there is a story that can be the right answer to where it gets its name. The story states that there was one Westerner who came across a dish that is a sweet soy sauce-flavoured chicken wings, he then asks a Chinese waiter on what it was, the waiter, who did not speak perfect English, told the customer that is called a Sweet Wing. Like Fried Rice which may sound “Plied Lice” to many, the Westerner heard “Swiss Wing” and since then the name was used ever since.

It may be a legend but do you think that may sound plausible?

Anyways Swiss wing, is a simple Hong Kong Chinese dish prepared by marinating chicken wings in a sauce made up of soy sauce, sugar, Chinese cooking wine and spices, believed to have originated in either Hong Kong or Guangzhou. It can be enjoyed on its own or served with rice and a side dish of green leafy vegetables.

Swiss Chicken Wings
  1. In a pan add all of the ingredients apart from the oil.
  2. Bring to a boil then lower the heat, simmer while covered for 30 minutes. Occasionally check and turn over the wings to prevent it from sticking to the bottom.
  3. Bring heat to medium high, add oil then continue to cook until the liquid is thick and saucy. Remove from pan then serve.



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  1. kitchenriffs says:

    I’ve not heard of these. Or had them. Gotta fix that — these sound terrific. Thanks!

  2. mjskit says:

    Totally different flavors than I’ve seen for wings. Of course anything that finger looking good has my vote.

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