Paasha Cafe and Mezze Bar (North Shore City, New Zealand)

I had been seeing this restaurant for quite a while, outer facade was not inviting as it looks like a normal eatery hence I never was interested in dining in until one time one of our friends served their food on a small gathering we had at their place. They served some kebabs and baklava and it was good, since then I wanted to visit the place and actually dine in.

The day happened, we passed by this place and it was lunch, without a plan we parked nearby hoping that we can dine in, we were out of luck and the place was fully booked but luckily, they had takeaways so we opted for that instead.

The owner (looks like it) greeted us warmly and suggested his best buys, not just that it was the best busy for Filipinos so he know what we will match our palate preferences, hence our orders was the owners suggestion starting with a Flame Grilled Shish Kebab where I asked for a Shish Combo (NZ$18.00) basically two meats. I initially requested for a beef and chicken but he said lamb and beef works well together then chicken hence I grabbed that instead. It was served with rice, salad and hummus with Hot Chilli sauce and Mayonnaise.

We also grabbed some meals on rice which looks like a small version of our first order. Same thing it was served with rice, salad and hummus with Hot Chilli sauce and Mayonnaise but it is called Beef Shawarma (NZ$14.00). I am not sure the difference but it might be the way it was grilled.

We also tried some wraps and this time it was the lamb doner (NZ$12.00), basically grilled lamb served on a hot flat bread sandwiches served with salad and hummus.

Everything was amazing, the meats were very tender and juicy, it was very tasty and I can say that this was one of the best Turkish I had in my life, so don’t be fooled by how it looks outside, what matters is that they serve amazing food in here.

Paasha Turkish Takeaway
Address: 444 Glenfield Rd, Glenfield, Auckland 0629, New Zealand
Phone: +649-444 4262

Additional Photos of succeeding visits

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