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This perhaps is the airlines that I had used most in my entire life, when I used to work in Philippines and Hong Kong this was the airlines I used the most during my trips in South East Asia apart from occasional KLM’s. Most probably I had flown with them for at least 40 flights and the last one was around 2004 then our emergency trip to the Philippines happened and Cathay was one of the cheapest flights we can have but having said that cheap does not mean bad service because as always like what it was 14 years ago, the service was still great, the food was still good and the planes were up to date, it’s a total value for money, in fact it is at par or if not better than some planes of Air New Zealand.

This time it was a long flight, during the days in South East Asia most of my flights are between 1.5 hours to 3.5 hours and on this one it was 15 hours and 30 minutes connecting via Hong Kong. 15 hours and 30 minutes means a lot of movies and a lot of food, in fact we were fed three times each way plus there are snacks in between. I think this was the fullest I have been on a flight and like on any typical Asian fashion I guess food is quite an important part of life hence even during snacks they offer the typical Asian comfort food, cup noodles.

Menu looks familiar, this as well is one of the airlines that has three options usually there are two but they added one specifically for vegetarians no need to request in advance. Like I said we were fed well breakfast, snacks and dinner and he is a sample of what we had during the flight.

For Starters we had Bulgur wheat, cranberry, almonds and feta cheese salad then on the other flight it was Ham, quinoa and mixed vegetable salad. Mains are quite diverse, fish, beef and vegetarian options like Fish with Parmesan potatoes, seasonal vegetables and basil pesto cream sauce; Stir Fried Beef, chilli oyster sauce, vegetables and steamed jasmine rice; Braised fish, bean curd sheet, mushroom, mixed vegetables and steamed jasmine rice and Beef and white beans, pumpkin, green beans, mashed potato and tomato concasse.

For Breakfast we had the following Bacon and egg bake, Lyonnaise potato, spinach and tomato sauce; Stir fried vermicelli, pork, mushroom and oyster sauce; Baked egg and cheese souffle, pork sausage, baked beans, tomato and potatoes; and Dried bonito, peanut and chicken congee. Yes, there was congee and this was the first time I had it in a plane. Breakfast was served with Seasonal fresh fruits and Fruit Yoghurt

Snack was heavy as well where we were served with pastries like Chicken Hoisin Lattice and Chicken fajita Lattice both served with Anzac Cookies. To top it all up, cup noodles can we ordered anytime during your flight and its free of charge. They also served Movenpick ice creams in between.

So how was the food, well it was great for an airplane food, it was tasty and lots of diverse options. By the way Cathay Pacific’s service was amazing too.


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  1. jenhmarie says:

    Wow, their food actually looks great! I usually hate eating airplane food, but I wouldn’t mind this.

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