3 Benefits of Cooking With Clean Water

Is tap water bad for me & my family?

The water that comes out of your tap may have started its journey hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Most people take the simple act of turning on the tap for granted.

It is easy to forget the journey that water makes or the processes that are undertaken everyday to ensure the water is safe to drink.

Of course there are risks even with tap water; this is why most experts recommend you install a water filter in your home. There are plenty of excellent examples of water filters in Sydney.

It is worth noting that a water filter will remove the chemicals used to treat the water. This will improve the flavor of your water without compromising on safety.

A water filter can also give you peace of mind. It is possible that the clean water that leaves the treatment works can become contaminated on the way to you.

This can happen through the chemicals farmers use on their fields, pollution from factories or even just bacteria entering through a slit in the pipe.

The fact is that with thousands of miles of pipe it’s impossible to check every piece. It only takes a tiny slit for these compounds to enter your clean water supply.

Your in-house filter system will remove these compounds and give you clean water. You’ll then notice these 3 benefits when cooking:

1. Taste

The first thing you’ll notice hen drinking a glass of clean filtered water is that it tastes better than standard tap water.

The same thing applies when you cook with this water. Whether you’re boiling an egg or making your favorite pasta dish, you’ll notice the flavor of the food is crisp and clearer.

This is difficult to appreciate until you try it but the difference is noticeable.

2. Safe

Water is an excellent home for many different types of bacteria. Some of these can make you feel a little ill and some can actually kill you!

By having the chemical treatments done at the water plant and then using a good filtration system at home you’ll be dramatically reducing the likelihood of bacteria surviving.

Most home water filters use a carbon insert which is excellent at keeping bacteria, chemicals and debris out of your water. Just be sure to monitor when it needs replacing.

3. Low Salt

You are probably familiar with the concept of hard water. This is when the water has a high mineral content and does not lather easily. Unfortunately this can cause deposits to build up which will prevent appliances from working efficiently and shorten their lives.

As a consequence water filters are fitted to reduce the hardness. However, this is done by using sodium, increasing the salt content of your water.

Therefore, if you are in a hard water area you need to use a water softener and then a reverse osmosis filter to ensure the water is clean and the salt content is low.

Cooking with clean water can actually benefit your health.



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