J. Co (Metro Manila, Philippines)

Before I always told myself when I go back and visit the Philippines I will have a list of places I to dine and eat, that did not happen because our short trip was not a vacation but rather a sad trip of attending a funeral, which means our primary purpose was not to have a vacation but to mourn for a loved one who died unexpectedly. Things happen we just have to accept it, 5 days it was very mournful until the cremation, last three days was to clear that out of our minds and try to move on as much as we can.

On those last days we have the chance to meet close friends who we haven’t seen for a while as well as family members, we also had time to do some shopping and partly fulfil some of that items on my to eat list, one of them was this J. Co Donut Shop.

Before I always see this only in blogs now I can try the real thing and see why people love these donuts. I nearly missed crossing this out of my list luckily, we were in SM Megamall looking for ball gowns my daughter, we got hungry after looking for more than 3 hours then remembered I saw a blog post before from the Pickiest Eater where they reviewed J. Co at Megamall, 6 years later we are here, way too late but at least we tried. One good thing we don’t have to wait for two hours, it was like 30 seconds for us.

This place changed a lot when I first saw it online but hopefully the donuts did not. It was a hard choice on the queue, I wanted to buy a dozen but I will not be able to finish it, we are leaving the next day so we cannot just leave it for home, so I was quite limited to two options. Everything seems to look amazing, all the colours and flavours was very appetizing but I ended up getting the Copa Banana which is a Chocolate Banana flavoured donut and some JCocinno which are Cappuccino Chocolate donuts.

Near the checkout I also saw this J Cool which are frozen yoghurt where you can pick toppings, it was hot and humid outside and found that it was also a good idea to have them. I just grabbed the single one which you can choose three toppings, I chose blueberries, mango and lychee, it also came with some cereals which gave crunch to it.

It was a good spot to pass time especially when you are quite tired of going around Megamall, the donuts were great, it was so light and not too sweet, which might be dangerous as you can have a dozen of this and don’t feel bloated, that’s how light they were. J Cool was amazing as well, again not too sweet and the play on textures was great, it’s like eating cereals for dessert.

Definitely a great donut shop, if I live in the Philippines I will easily be a regular customer, I think that is why six years down the track it is still going strong until now.

J.CO Donuts & Coffee
Address: SM Megamall, J., 422 EDSA Cor Julia Vargas Ave, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone: +63 2 631 7899
Website: https://www.jcodonuts.com/ph
J.CO Menu Pricehttps://menuph.com/jco-menu/

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  1. So many options so little time. That is a huge dilemma! Glad you were able to swing home for a trip and hope you are doing well.

  2. The Sundae and Donuts are calling my name. Hehe!

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