City Deluxe (Dagupan City, Philippines)

If you are looking for an extensive selection of Filipino home cooked style dishes then look no further as City Deluxe will definitely have it. We eat here a lot during the days, I love their selection and how home cooked style the dishes were, no need to impress by how it is presented, just taste the food and be wowed.

The first time I ate here with my wife, still my girlfriend before was probably 19 years ago and one of the orders that I cannot forget is misua, a flour vermicelli soup with vegetables and meat. Usually misua is a budget dish served at home, it contains a small amount of meat and vegetables with lots of soup but the ones we ordered during those times was not like any misua I had in my life, it was loaded with meats and vegetables, it was a full meal on its own rather than a soup.

Many years after here we are again but this time there was no misua but what I am after is the kare kare since oxtails in New Zealand have the cow skin detached, here in the Philippines it is included and it was cooked until it is really tender melt in your mouth texture. It was a really good kare kare and this was the first one to be completely devoured.

Next order was the sweet and sour pork, while it was good, it was not the one I was expecting, I think I had a lot of great sweet and sour pork including my recipe so this one was quite a let-down. Flavours was quite lacking as well as the texture of meat was not great, the breading was so soaked on the sauce it was soggy.

We also had Lumpiang Shanghai and this one turned it all around, it was redemption, amazing flavours, perfectly crisp on the outside, moist and juicy in the inside, prepared on a perfect bite sized morsel. I would love snacking on this all the time.

The Chopseuy was great as well, and like their misua the meats were abundant you will have hard time finding the vegetables. It was studded with chicken, gizzard and liver served with a thick savoury sauce.

Another great lunch in Dagupan, I was full and really satisfied, another eating spree where there are no more room for desserts. It was a shame specially when this place sells great dessert cakes like Brazo de Mercedes. Such a timeless classic restaurant, you will feel like you are eating your moms cooking when you dine in here, it feels homey, no fuzz, just great food.

City De Luxe Restaurant and Bakeshop
Address: Tapuac District, Dagupan City, 2400 Pangasinan, Philippines
Phone: +63 75 522 9880


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