Kaninan ni Mang Peping (Dagupan City, Pangasinan)

We passed this establishment many times during our visit to Pangasinan and I was so intrigued at this place as it was quite huge compared to most restaurants in Dagupan plus there are a lot of bahay kubo style dining areas and a statue of Moana and her dad outside, not to mention when we passed by this place there are also a lot of cars parked outside so it must be something special.

That alone is quite a marketing material hence we stopped by once and see what this place offers. First time was just to have a nosey, looking at the menu and the place. It was impressive, they have different themes running along the place, like mentioned earlier the bahay kubo style, then they also have one by the fish ponds, there is also an open-air dining place where it was extensively adorned with lots of stuff all pleasing to the eyes, some function rooms and airconditioned rooms fit for royalties. Menu is Filipino so yes, we booked in for the next day even if it’s just me and my wife.

Next day came, we ate quite late for lunch, arriving here at 1:30PM, that was not my usual lunch time so at that moment I was really very hungry. Without thinking we ordered crispy pata, boneless bangus sinigang, three rice and a pitcher of house blended ice tea. This was my 3rd crispy pata during our 1-week visit, I know it’s not a very healthy option but we are on a vacation. 20 minutes later our orders arrive and it was a war zone :)

Both dishes are large probably could feed 4 or 5 people, crispy pata was amazing, skin is really crispy, the fat inside is melting and the meat was juicy and really tasty, probably the best crispy pata I ever had (or I might just be really hungry), I don’t even need the dipping sauce as it was really good on its own. It will not win the best looking one but it can with the best tasting one.

Sinigang na Bangus was amazing as well, I do love my sinigang really sour and this dish delivered, I love the fact it was boneless so I can eat without deboning the fish (which was the case always). Both fish and vegetables tasted really fresh.

As for the drinks the ice tea was great as well, not so sweet and really refreshing, I drank half the pitcher but I lost, can’t drink the rest of it anymore. After all of this we paid and the change came with pastilles, four to be precise, a nice gesture, a great sweet to end a very nice lunch.

Kainan ni Mang Peping  
Address: De Venecia Hi-way Extension, Tapuac District, Dagupan, 2400 Pangasinan, Philippines
Phone: +63 75 696 1322


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