Los Pedritos Premium (Dagupan City, Philippines)

Wow 15 years is quite a long time before Pedritos was just located in Dagupan-Binmaley Road as a simple restaurant and bakeshop but now they have a Premium premise right in the town centre at AB Fernandez Ave, I am not sure how old this is but it was all new to me, even the Metro Plaza was not there 15 years ago. Certainly, a lot has developed, the prices even went up, exponentially, I was surprised most of the mid-scale to upscale places in the Philippines have prices comparable now to New Zealand.

We came here after having a dinner in a nearby establishment, we were planning to have our dessert here but the halo halo we just had was so filling. I know they have a lot of tempting cakes on display like the dulce de leche, mango sans rival and even the normal sans rival but there are no more space for those, maybe next time.

We did end up buying other items that did not require refrigeration so we can consume it the next day as the hotel we stayed in does not have the mini bar fridge, so we asked what is their most bought item and we were offered Sweet Dough with Mah Hu (Php 50.00) and Ensaymada (Php 55.00), we grabbed a couple of those then went back to our hotel. Price compared to normal panaderia is quite high as you can get them at around Php 10.00, but if you compare to popular spots then it was still cheap but how does it fare.

Sweet Dough with Mah Hu was great, the blend sweet and savoury taste was amazing, buns was soft and not dry, it was filling as well. For the ensaymada, it was above average, buttery soft and cheesy, there are better ones but it was good enough to be on the above average scale. This in any way does not represent everything sold at this place, I had tried several food items here before but that was on their first shop 15 years ago. It is a popular place during the days and most probably now, I just wish we had enough time during this short visit in the Philippines so I could have tried the usual stuff we ordered before, but yes watch this space we will be back.

Los Pedritos Premium
Address: 29 AB Fernandez Ave, Downtown District, Dagupan, 2400 Pangasinan, Philippines


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