Riccarton Noodle House (Christchurch, New Zealand)

I did a quick business trip in Christchurch several weeks ago, it was a last-minute thing so the place where I intended to stay was fully booked leaving me to book somewhere near and it happened to be Riccarton. It is a small town, though they have a shopping complex I arrived quite late after 5:30 PM (yes that’s late in New Zealand time), which means most establishments were already closed and I was looking for a place to have dinner.

Most of the ones in malls definitely were closed so my options are the ones near the place I will be staying at Riccarton Rd, some of it were bars and gourmet restaurants, I don’t want those as I just want a quick and easy dinner. After scouting the place, I saw some fast food stalls, not a fan either at that moment, luckily, I found a place just right for my needs, Riccarton Noodle House.

It is like a normal eatery, no fuss similar to Mamak’s in Malaysia, carinderia in the Philippines or a large takeaway place where you can dine in. And in a typical New Zealand takeaway place, there were tons of options but some were quite different at this place as they serve mainly Cambodian meals.

I was craving for some noodle soup dishes and since then I haven’t found a really nice beef brisket noodle soup here in New Zealand. I saw they offer this on their menu so without second thought I ordered them. It is called Spicy Beef Brisket Noodle Soup (NZ$15.00), so like most beef brisket noodle soup dishes it is served with Wonton Noodles topped with a good serving of melt in your mouth savoury sweet braised beef brisket. It was good, not too spicy, I even added more chillies to give it an additional kick, I love it, this is the flavour I am after, so I got really satisfied. On the side I also ordered Deep Fried Spring Rolls (NZ$5.00), it was good but I know this was the frozen one you buy in the supermarket, I liked that brand, I liked the taste but I felt ripped off on this as the whole box which may contain more than 50 pieces is nearly the same price, anyways I can’t complain they cooked it and served with chilli sauce, I think I would be better off ordering the chicken wings which costs nearly the same but I was not bothered nibbling on bones.

Overall this place is recommended, it certainly satisfied my cravings, the noodles was great, they deserved to be really called a noodle house.

Riccarton Noodle House
Address: 107 Riccarton Rd, Riccarton, Christchurch 8041, New Zealand
Phone: +643 341 3108

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  1. Gina says:

    Very generous servings of rolls. Here in the US, It’s only Vietnamese restaurants who offer 2 per order of Imperial Rolls, the rest serve 1 piece per order.

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