Examples of regional dishes in North France

Examples of regional dishes in North France

Many dishes in the French cuisine are heavily influenced by the region they come from. France is a large country with rich traditions and history, which influence the cuisine. Some dishes might not be very popular, but they can be considered a speciality of the certain region.

France is divided into several regions and has a great history and traditions. The French are known for their love of food and it’s not surprising that each region has something special to offer. Each region can be actually recognized by the certain dish! The cuisine is influenced by seasonal availability of the ingredients, geographical location or even neighbouring countries. What are some dishes popular in the north of France? We will try to bring them to you together with the chef of the Salt Flakes restaurant.

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  1. Nord-Pas de Calais

It’s located on the French coast, right next to Belgium. The region is influenced by sea food and has many interesting dishes to offer. One that is considered a speciality is Moules-Frittes. It’s made of mussels and chips, which makes it a very easy to prepare!

  1. Normandy

Best known for its coastline, historic Allied forces surprise attack and rich farmlands and town markets. The region is rich in seasonal dishes and is also influenced by its closeness to the sea. Moules à la Crème Normande is one of the most famous dishes. It’s cooked with white wine, garlic, cider and cream.

  1. Brittany

The region is located in the north-west of France. It’s known for its beautiful landscape, ports and beaches. The local delicacies include Crepes. They come in many variations. They can be filled with sweet filling or even cheese and ham.

  1. Alsace

The region is very influenced by its neighbours: Germany and Switzerland. It’s clear after taking a look at some popular dishes in this part of France. Choucroute garnie is made with white cabbage. It’s usually cooked in wine or vinegar with addition of local sausages, pork and potatoes. Another famous dish is Kouglof. It’s a delicious yeast cake with almonds and fruit often served with coffee.


  1. Lorraine

The region’s neighbors consist of Belgium, Germany and Luxemburg. However, its best known for sweet dishes such as Macarons de Nancy, Quiche Lorraine and Tarte à la Mirabelle!


  1. Burgundy

It used to be a former administrative region of France. It’s best known for its rich wine traditions. The most famous dishes are coq au vin and escargots de Bourgogne. The first one is chicken braised in red wine with lardons and mushrooms. The second contains snails cooked in their shells with parsley and butter.

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  1. Centre

The central region is highly influenced by the Kings. It’s the heart of the country and it has many things to offer. It’s best known for two dishes. Andouillettes –  a sausage dish which with a distinct smell and flavour. The second one is called Rillettes, which is a paste made from braised pork.

Trying out different regional dishes is like going on an adventure around different regions of France. All of them have interesting history and traditions, which can be reflected in certain dishes.


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