The Lula Inn Eatery and Drinkery (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

The last time I drank gin was when I was still in university, it was a perfect drink of choice during the days because it’s cheap and it contains a high alcohol content which means you can get drunk with the less amount of moolah at hand, we even mix it with our beers if we feel like having beers. Twenty plus years later I never knew I will have that drink again because it was nasty, we just bought them before because we don’t have money so I told myself I will never buy it when I get a job but here I am doing the opposite.

The Lula Inn Eatery and Drinkery is a heaven for gin lovers, while they have other drinks on the menu I believe they specialize in gin where you can try different gin all over the world like Rogue Society, Melbourne Gin Co, Rutte, Elephant, Hayman’s and New York Distilling Company to name some. But unlike my college days these gins are the premium kind and I can taste the difference, definitely more refined. Their gin and tonic as well as their cocktails also uses premium tonics from East Imperial Tonic so you are sure it is made with the purest ingredients and sustainably sourced.

Gin and Tonic’s here like I mentioned are the premium ones so this is not my average college drink, it is pricey but the difference from the usual stuff is miles away. What I liked was their Imperial Elixir #9 (NZ$ 13.00) basically a Gin and Tonic done the Dorothy Parker way with mixed with Yuzu Tonic, dehydrated lemon and lime peel. It was amazing, I never knew gin would ever taste like this, it is refreshing, a perfect summer drink. Imperial Elixir #17 (NZ$ 18.00) was also great, their Crown Jewel style served with Grapefruit Tonic and a candied grapefruit peel, mildly sweet and tangy, another refreshing drink.

I also ordered some of their cocktails and this one was my choice, it is called Homegrown Paradise (NZ$18.00), which is a mix of Plymouth Gin, strawberry, lemon and pink peppercorn, it is sweet and sour definitely an all-day refresher.

Can’t really believe myself that what I was drinking was gin, they were so good and it definitely changed my views towards gin. But enough of the gin talks as they also serve great food which is definitely worth the mention as well.

We tried several starters and even their Motutapu Beef Scotch served with onion, shiitake and garlic (NZ$37.90) but what made it was this Market Fish served with lemongrass prawns, toasted rice, broccoli and leek (NZ$34.50). A very delicate dish done the right way, textures everywhere, it is light tasting but the flavours are amazing, really enjoyed this one.

Like I said food is great here but what’s even better is their selection of gin, you will start loving if you had hated gin before, the way they do it here will give you a different view on it. I will definitely not buy those cheap stuff anymore after trying the good stuff at Lula’s!

The Lula Inn  
Address: 149 Quay St, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand
Phone: +649 365 2690

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