Yu Tea (Waitakere City, New Zealand)

Asian dessert and drink places are getting popular nowadays here in Auckland hence places like Momotea, Meet Fresh, Fresh Cafe, Snow Man and Mellow are always packed with patrons even late at night. We too love places like these, the desserts and drinks match perfectly to our taste preferences. Like some we are also in a constant hunt for new places like this and the most recent one we discovered was this place in Lincoln Road called Yu Tea. While most of these places offer shaved ice, milk tea and its variants Yu Tea like Momotea serves hot dishes as well, we haven’t tried that on this instance and just saw it on their menu, maybe next time.

When you visit this place the first thing you will notice is that the place is so clean, so spacious, so vibrant with lots of cute things scattered everywhere, it is so Asian without a doubt. There are many photos of the food, drinks and even patrons displayed on the walls. There were few customers as well when we were there.

There were no second thoughts when we ordered, we know why we are here and it’s for the milk tea. Milk Teas is quite pricey where small size costs NZ$6.50 and large one at NZ$8.00, milk shakes are at NZ6.00 and shaved ice for NZ$8.80, on top of that you can add several toppings of your liking, the options are sago, pearl, coconut jelly, egg pudding, grass jelly, mango jelly ball, original jelly ball, red bean, popping ball, whipped cream and ice cream for NZ$1.00 each and this is what sets it apart from others, you can basically create your own drink with many combinations as you can where you budget can handle as well. There are also some Instagram worthy desserts like potted soil, cakes and pastries.

So how about the taste? Well it’s quite a mixed bag, most of the ones we tried were good specially that mango milk shake but the taro milk tea was quite lacking some flavour, I guess they had used a wrong measuring spoon for the size that we ordered. What you will also notice is that the serving vessels the drinks and food are presented were also cute, where they put eyes on the cups and glasses and a heart shaped cover on takeaway cups. Anyways apart from that we were happy, the staff were great and the place like I mentioned earlier was clean. I will definitely retry that taro milk tea but next time I might ask them to add more flavour to it.

Yu Tea
Address: 301 Lincoln Rd, Henderson, Auckland 0610, New Zealand
Phone: +649 272 3988

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