Pick you own Free Avocados in Auckland

Learn where to find and pick Free Avocados in Auckland, its so easy and it not really far. Located in Otuataua Stonefields in Mangere this public orchard is just near the Auckland International Airport

Yes, you had read the title correctly there are free avocadoes that you can pick your own in Auckland, it’s on a public orchard and it’s not a myth. You might have heard this before and was sceptical like me but I did visit the place a couple of week ago and proved that this was not a joke, it was real. As an Aucklander, avocadoes is like an oxygen for us and this place is a treasure trove, everybody loves it and can’t live without it, how would you just survive without having a smashed avocado sandwich once a week.

Located in Otuataua Stonefields in Mangere this place is quite isolated which means few people know about it and few people visit them, surprisingly it has been there for 15 years already but still not as popular as it should be. Hopefully it continues that way so people who regularly visits this are guaranteed to get something every visit.

While the avocadoes are free you are limited to 5 per person, no one checks them but New Zealand is good with honesty system and hopefully this will never be abused. Some other rules are you cannot climb the tree or break a branch so if you are planning to visit then bring a very long stick so you can pick your fruits easily since most of them are three metres high. It does not bear fruit the whole year as well so best time to visit is between November and March each year like what we did.

The last visit we made the avocadoes are not yet ready for picking as most of them are 5 to 7 cm in length, but they are abundant I guess one tree would have at least 200 avocadoes and the orchard has more than 40 plus trees. So, my best guess in three more weeks they will be ready which is now. So, I guess I am heading back there better start picking before the others.

Don’t worry not everyone leaves with teary eyes because with avocadoes or not you can still enjoy the great views of the beautiful beachfront where you can tramp or even swim if you can take the water temperature. And there is still next year, so mark it in your calendars so you won’t forget.


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  1. suituapui says:

    So nice! Lucky, you all there. We pay around RM10 each here and at times, they may not be good and we have to throw it all away.

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