Auckland’s Top 13 Buffet Restaurants

Look no further as we had compiled, tried and tested Auckland’s Top 13 Buffet Restaurants so you don’t have to, just have a look at this list and pick your fave without the hassle of trying them all

Smorgasbord, Eat-all-you can or Buffet call it whatever you want but it’s the same thing, you devour as many food items you can in one go. Surprisingly these types of establishments are not popular here in Auckland if you are comparing it to Asian countries or in America so there are a few places that offer this, and even fewer places that do it better than most. So, if you are looking for the best then we’ve done that assignment for you, we had tracked down Auckland’s best all-you-can-eat restaurants and we had tried them all.

Weekend Dinner Price as of this date starts at: NZ$20.00
Our review of Paradise

If you love curries this is the place, Urban Turban looks like it closed already so these guys don’t have a competition and if they do have then it would be hard competing with these guys specially at an affordable price of $20.00. Paradise is also known for their amazing curries where real Indians sing praises on what they serve here, no this is not your curries adjusted to the Kiwi palate, this is the real thing. Still not convinced? How about 17 different varieties at one time? 6 Vegetarian Dishes, 6 Non-Vegetarian Dishes, 4 Sides, Fresh Naan and Indian desserts? I am sold!

Paldo Korean Buffet
Weekend Dinner Price as of this date starts at: NZ$28.00

With Over 50 choices of regional specialties from Korea’s eight provinces, what more can you ask for. This is not your typical Korean restaurant where Barbecue are the highlight, don’t look for them here as they serve something different, they serve cooked dishes alongside appetizers, soups, salads, hot pot, tons of banchan, and make your own Bibimbap. A very nice alternative Korean restaurant where you will not smell like barbecued meat after your dinner.

The Khan (permanently closed)
Weekend Dinner Price as of this date starts at: NZ$28.95
Our review of The Khan

Perhaps one of the most popular eat all you can format, the Mongolian Barbecue where you select different meats and vegetables mix it with your choice of sauces then give it to the chef so they can cook it for you. It does not stop there as there are also some cooked meals you can enjoy while waiting for your freshly cooked Mongolian Barbecue. There is also unlimited ice cream with all the sprinkles and syrup you want. They also have a new offering as we noticed this on our last visit which was not long ago, they now have hot pot on offer and that’s together with the price you pay.

8 Colours Korean BBQ Buffet (Auckland CBD, New Zealand) 1

Eight Colours (permanently closed)
Weekend Dinner Price as of this date starts at: NZ$29.00
Our review of Eight Colours

Now if you love Korean Barbecues then this is a nice place to be in, clean compared to other Korean Barbecue restaurants we dined in and with plenty of good options. Beef, pork, lamb, chicken and seafood they have them all. They also have cooked dishes, salad and sides. There are two options on dining here where if you want some barbecue you pay the full price of $29.00 otherwise just choose anything from the cooked dishes station and just pay for $19.00 but that’s available during lunch only.

McHugh’s Of Cheltenham (North Shore City, New Zealand) 2

McHugh’s Cheltenham
Weekend Dinner Price as of this date starts at: NZ$35.00
Our review of McHugh’s Cheltenham

This perhaps is the only place here with a magnificent view, located in Devonport at the end of Cheltenham Rd where their restaurant is located beside the shore with views of Rangitoto, you can have a short stroll at the beach before or after dining in. Compared to most of the ones in this list they don’t offer that many options and caters for only one dish per type of meat (chicken, fish, seafood, pork, beef and lamb), several salads, some carbs and a selection of desserts but I think you don’t need more than that specially if they do prepare each one of them amazingly, the pork belly for me was amazing!

Tombo Buffet
New Market
Weekend Dinner Price as of this date starts at: NZ$32.00
Our review of Tombo Buffet

If you are confused on whether you want some Japanese or Korean for dinner tonight then this is the place for you, they offer best of both worlds. You can either start with a Korean Hot Pot, with some cooked dishes, dumplings or with sushi or sashimi. When you come in to this place don’t be misled by its small appearance because there are ample seats and more importantly there are a lot of varieties to choose from.

Various Locations
Weekend Dinner Price as of this date starts at: NZ$36.90

Most probably this is the most popular buffet restaurant in this list, located literally in popular locations it’s impossible you haven’t come across this place. Having said that they are all not created equal where some are cleaner than others but they do serve mostly the same things, we had tried the following branches North Shore, Mount Eden and the already closed branch in front of Western Springs. There are lots of selections as well mostly Western food with carvery, freshly baked pizza and unlimited soft serve ice cream. And yes you dine in free on your birthday here.

Fortuna Buffet Restaurant
Auckland CBD
Weekend Dinner Price as of this date starts at: NZ$36.90

Another similar buffet restaurant to Valentines but a level up higher on the same price. Centrally located in Auckland CBD inside Sky City this is the most tourist friendly buffet restaurant Auckland has to offer, in fact this is the first buffet restaurant I tried. They have nearly similar offering to Valentines but the place is much more presentable hence it is one of the go to place for Kiwi’s on a budget who have overseas visitors to treat, plus its beside the casino so if you have the urge to splurge and feel lucky then this is the perfect venue.

Serengeti Restaurant (permanently closed)
Murrays Bay
Weekend Dinner Price as of this date starts at: NZ$38.00

South African fare of Unlimited Pork Ribs, Unlimited Calamari, Unlimited Pork Schnitzel and Unlimited Chicken Wings served with Unlimited Chips, Unlimited Veges & Unlimited Coke enough said! Actually, drop that Coke because an unlimited BOK Lager for and extra $20.00 makes more sense with this type of food, a perfect buffet with all your mates. If you don’t want that much meat then you can go for an Unlimited Chicken but only on Wednesdays for NZ$33.00. Plus, did we say this place has amazing views as well? It is overlooking Murrays Bay.

Haru No Yume
Freemans Bay
Weekend Dinner Price as of this date starts at: NZ$49.00
Our review of Haru No Yume
Update (29/07/2022): Haru no Yume changed its name to Yume restaurant and they don’t offer buffet anymore

Are you a sushi lover? of just a Japanese food lover in general? Do you have a Sumo wrestlers stomach? If you answered yes to all then Haru No Yume is the place for you with a wide range of sushi/sashimi, tempura prawns, fresh vegetables, edamame, karaage chicken and a nice boiling shabu-shabu what more can you ask for!

El Sizzling Chorizo (Auckland, New Zealand) 1

Princes Wharf
Weekend Dinner Price as of this date starts at: NZ$57.95

Be warned you will have meat sweats the next day when you dine in here but don’t worry with that comes with a big smile, this place is a meat lover’s paradise just imagine you can eat as much as you can different Brazilian Barbecue served freshly cooked and sliced in directly on your plate. You need to use that green and red marker to surrender from the barrage of amazing barbecue dishes like chicken, lamb, pork, sausages, seafood and that amazing melt in your mouth beef ribs. There are also a variety of sides to choose from. It starts at NZ$57.95 for a taste of everything in the charcoal grill plus tapas, tasters and side dishes. If you want to end with a dessert then pay NZ$69.95, or pay NZ$87.95 to have some Charcuterie Board and cold seafood platter. Honestly don’t bother having the extras as the most basic one is more than enough, trust me we had the same mistake before. Just a small warning be really hungry when you dine in at this place.

Katsura Japanese Restaurant
Auckland CBD
Weekend Dinner Price as of this date starts at: NZ$88.00
Our review of Katsura Japanese Restaurant

This one is a hidden gem, I did not even know this place existed and my work place is near this place. It’s a sushi and sashimi lover’s paradise, with 7 types of sashimi, 8 types nigiri and 7 types of sushi roll this is just the start, they also have shabu shabu station, soba and udon noodles, beef tataki, tempura, pork tonkatsu and even a live teppanyaki station. It does not stop there as there are also heaps of desserts to choose from. But if this is too much for dinner then perhaps try it at lunch and for just NZ$44.00 per person you will enjoy a nearly similar fare.

Eight at the Langham (Auckland CBD, New Zealand) 9

Auckland CBD
Weekend Dinner Price as of this date starts at: NZ$129.00
Our review of Eight

The utopia of Auckland Buffet restaurants, no one can come close to this as you can combine all of the above list and they mostly have it. Eight means eight cuisines so you can enjoy dishes from Eight different station that serve fresh seafood, New York Style grill that serves a variety of meats including game, wok and dim sum corner, Indian Tandoor Kitchen where you can try different curries and chutneys, Sushi and Sashimi station, salad station with a whole wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese that you carve to your hearts content, Pasta Kitchen with breads and pastries, tons of dessert options including Movenpick ice cream and chocolate fountain. It might be out of the budget but it’s all worth it, trust me it is the best buffet restaurant Auckland has to offer.


6 Responses

  1. suituapui says:

    All look lovely. I’ll be spoilt for choice.

  2. I’m going back to Auckland in early May – but for a Wedding so 2 of the 3 nights are going to be taken up by that, but on the Sunday evening we are there – I will try and convince my husband that we NEED TO go to a Buffet – lol! I friggin’ LOVE buffets because my mouth loves LOTS of FOOD! I’d totally do the Japanese one!

  3. Raymund says:

    I suggest you do Eight at Langham (not called Cordis), Katsura and Haru No Yume, In that order :)

  4. vestory says:

    Eight at Langham is not that good anymore and more expensive ( so sad.

  5. Shane says:

    Interestingly, a new International Buffet (AVON) restaurant has opened in Auckland CBD at The Shakespeare Restaurant & Brewery upstairs. This is located at the cnr of Wyndham Street and Albert Street. A lot of tempting food varieties on display from countries like the UK, Americas, Mexican, Portuguese, Asian, Indian, Africans and Kiwiana. . Cool stuff, absolute high quality with lot of tempting food varieties in display from different countries and so reasonably priced at $25. A must go to place.

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