Arataki Honey Visitor Centre (Havelock North, New Zealand)

If you are planning to visit Hawkes Bay then make sure you pass by Arataki Honey if you have time and if you haven’t added this to your itinerary yet, Why? First because its free, you can taste different types of honey, you learn about the whole process of honey farming and you will be able to buy honey cheaply if you have your own container.

We have been to this place twice and we loved both our visits, I specially enjoy the tasting part. Before on my first visit many years ago, I never knew there were many types of honey flavours coming from different flowers until I saw the booth where you can try it all from blends like Clover, Multiflora, Manuka, Rewarewa, Blue Borage, Tawari, Kamahi and Thyme to name some. While clover is the default pleasant honey taste I knew since childhood, I found my new honey fave in here, the Rewarewa, it is New Zealand honeysuckle, with a smoky, complex flavour and a clean sweet finish, it’s a type of honey that everyone would easily love.

There are also other honey products as well like skin care and products, beeswax candles, propolis, pollen and royal jelly they have it all. They also sell bulk honey at a cheap price as long as you have your own container with a wide opening.

It’s not just that, you can also discover a lot in this place about bees and honey making. So, visitors have the chance, with some hands-on experience on how bees live, how they produce honey, how honey is extracted, etc. You can have a change to see some queen bees and play under the microscope and see the bees up close and personal, you can even dress up like a bee, there is a lot for everyone.

So, are you sold yet? Try it to find out, it’s just a short drive out of the main highway, you have nothing to lose, in fact you will gain more knowledge if you don’t know it yet, and like I said best of all its free!

Arataki Honey
Address: 66 Arataki Rd, Havelock North 4130, New Zealand
Phone: +646 877 7300


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