Birdwoods Gallery and Sweet Shop (Havelock North, New Zealand)

Birdwoods Gallery in Havelock North is a popular art gallery in the region, they have tons of Stone Sculptures, Metal Sculptures and Decorative Arts in display and on sale. Most tourists visit this place because of this gallery but beside the gallery is another gem that needs to be mentioned, the sweet shop.

The sweet shop might look like a pick and mix from your local Pak n’ Save or Countdown but is more than that, in fact they have candies here that I haven’t seen on any New Zealand supermarkets. This is the first time in my life I saw a candy shop that I guess sells more than 200 different kinds of lollies, it’s a dream place for kids and even those who are young at heart.

You can enjoy candies that looks like chalk, fried eggs, real rocks, pebbles and different types of nougats to name some. If lollies are not your thing then they have this Real Fruit Ice Cream stand beside it where they server guess what? real fruit ice cream at NZ$5.00 each.

It is a nice cosy location, far from the busy street tucked in a real quiet inner suburb. It’s a nice spot to have a walk in their beautiful garden lined with sculptural art. The outside grounds in from the of the sweet shop is nice as well to have a picnic or enjoy what you had bought in the cafe inside or in the sweet shop.

So, if you want to visit this place don’t worry that your kids will not love them or be bored of the art on the gallery, in fact it might be the other way around as this is a kid’s perfect dream place.

Birdwoods Gallery and Sweet Shop
Address: 298 Middle Rd, Havelock North 4172
Phone: +646 877 1395


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