Black Barn Bistro (Havelock North, New Zealand)

Black Barn Vineyards in Havelock North is not just your normal vineyard it hosts a lot of activities and events that you can partake in one location, from retreats, dining, concerts, open air cinema, growers market and of course cellar doors. Most of these are open during the summer season but dining and cellar doors are whole year round.

We visited here last month but there was a cold snap during that time plus it was drizzling so we did not push through with the open-air cinema but we did dined in. It’s quite odd for a summer day specially in this region that it was cold, in fact the fire place was open when we were there, it was a lovely evening apart from the temperature outside.

The cold snap did not hinder us to view the place so we still strolled around the property and had a look at the vineyards but it did not last as it started drizzling so we went in and started our dinner.

Menu was quite straightforward and have a very decent offering, prices were smart as well. Like most fine dining places, they have a dish for each type of meat and several entrees. We went straight to the mains and wine pairings and did not got entrees as we will be having some desserts.

First Mains was Fish of the Day(NZ$36.00) in the form of grouper, it was served with Summer Vegetables, Lemon Emulsion and Potato Tuille paired with Black Barn Hawke’s Bay Un-Oaked Chardonnay 2017 (NZ$10.50).

The dish has hints of coconut curry on it, and it was delicate but full of flavour the wine matching was perfect as it has a refreshing citrusy and peachy tone to it, like the fish it was light to the palate.

Next on the mains was this Patangata Station Lamb (NZ$36.00) served with Goats Cheese, Silverbeet, Garlic, Almond Crumb then matched with Black Barn Syrah 2014 (NZ$14.00).

Eating the dish’s elements on its own is not as exciting as combining them in one fork which blends well together. The lamb was seasoned and cooked perfectly, the wine paring was great as well, there is no other wine that can match this lamb, it was juicy, fruity, oaky and spicy Syrah that cuts perfectly with the lamb.

Then we also ordered this Freedom Farm Pork (NZ$34.00) served with carrots 3 ways, Smoked, Powdered and Pureed accompanied with Walnuts, Black Pudding and Barley. It was matched with Huia Organic Pinot Noir 2017, again another perfect matching, fruity, smoky, hints of cherries and blackberry, it’s a well balance Pinot Noir perfect with the tender pork. The carrots as well was unforgettable, in fact I told my wife this is the best carrots I ever ate in my life, served 3 ways each of these elements was amazing, creamy, sweet and you get the full carrot taste.

All the mains were a stunner and we ate every drop of it including the sauces, it was a great dinner but it’s not yet finished. We did grab some desserts as well starting from this Strawberry Mousse (NZ$16.00), made with Scott’s Strawberries, Mousse, Basil Cremoux and Pistachio, it’s an explosion of different complex sweet flavours and texture on your tongue, the basil cream was very surprising and blended really well with the mousse.

Next up is this meringue, at first, I told our attendant it looks just like a pavlova and told me it was not. Basically, this Meringue (NZ$14.00) is shaped like an egg shell cracked in half then filled with a delicious Mascarpone Cream, Passionfruit and Blueberries, it was so good we decided to make this at home so watch this space.

The desserts were a perfect way to end the great dinner, it’s like putting and exclamation point at the end of the sentence, it ended up as a great dining experience even though the weather was against us. We will definitely come back here and have the full experience, perhaps next summer.

Black Barn Bistro
Address: Black Barn Rd, Havelock North 4294, New Zealand
Phone: +646 877 7985

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