King of the Wings (Gold Coast, Australia)

I have been looking for a place similar to this since I left the Philippines because when I was back there living in Ortigas there was an establishment in Meralco Avenue that serves chicken wings in many different flavours, we love to visits that place and since I moved to another country I was craving for it.

Many years later in Australia while visiting an office party there was this, a food truck called King of the Wings. It was one of the food trucks the event catered for out of the many and certainly it was a crowd favourite. Lucky me it was all paid for so we can smorgasbord on chicken wings as much as I want. Each serving so you have an idea is AU$8.00 for a 6 Pack (2 Flavours) and AU$15.00 for a 12 Pack (3 Flavours) as noted on their site.

There are five different flavours and I tried four of them, choices are:

American Barbecue, which is a chicken wing with smoky flavour and a bourbon hit; Portuguese Crumb, basically a Peri-peri & lime crispy dry rub coated chicken wing;

Bee Sting, a crowd favourite, a honey sesame sensation with a sweet chilli kick; Chillogy, my favourite which is a “buffalo wing” style chicken made with 3 of Australia’s tastiest chillies and the Sticky Ginger Plum (the one I haven’t tried), the Asian inspired fusion of fruits and spice.

It was really good, special mention to the Chillogy and Bee Sting, they really go well with beer. The chicken was juicy and definitely packs a lot of flavour up to the bones, it was also crispy on the outside. Munching on this will be quite messy so you will need a lot of tissue paper especially when you have it with beer. I will definitely look for this food truck when I get back to Brisbane or Gold Coast, highly recommended specially for those chicken lovers out there.


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  1. Oh my! What a pity that is so far away from us. My daughter and husband are crazy for chicken wings.

  2. Dylan Pires says:

    Thanks for the review! Were opening on the Gold Coast in March and the truck roams all across Brisbane 7 days… for all locations check out

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