Genzui Ramen Bar (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

If you are looking for an affordable, delicious and huge serving ramen in Auckland CBD then this is your best bet, Genzui Ramen Bar. I accidentally discovered this one day when I was craving for a ramen, usually my go to place was Tanpopo but I was lazy to drive and look for a parking so I searched for top ramen places near and this was one of the nearest one.

This place is not easy to find as it was inside a hotel lobby / small shopping mall together with other small establishments, if you are coming in from Elliot Street then it will be harder compared to finding the place from Albert Street. Once inside Atrium on Elliott from Albert St it’s just on the right side.

At lunch this place will be really busy because they make great ramen at an affordable price, so you need to be early so you secure a seat. It’s a small place so if you don’t come in early then expect to wait.

We were there quite early for lunch and there was one spare table, it was a perfect timing. From there I thought ordering will be stress free as I will only have a choice of Shio, Shoyu and Tonkotsu but I was wrong, they have lots of option for ramen.

It was quite a challenge when you want them all so while thinking about what I am having we ordered some appetizers or side dish. For that I got some gyoza (NZ$6.00) and some takoyaki (NZ$6.00), these are the best side dishes you can have when having a ramen, it’s just the stock standard order. Both were amazing, gyoza feels like it was made in store but the takoyaki feels like the readymade frozen ones, anyways I still liked it.

Now after my internal deliberation with myself, I decided to go for the Spicy Seafood Ramen (NZ$13.00), first because I want to try something different, I had overdosed on the usual ones when we visited Japan early this year. Second, I just simply love seafood and Finally I love spicy stuff so this Spicy Seafood Ramen is the one perfect for me.

Loaded with prawns, squid, fish and seaweed on a rich spicy dashi broth, this is what heaven in a bowl means to me. I love it!

Overall, I like this place and even though I think it’s not as authentic it can be, what’s important is that they serve great ramen, the affordability is just a plus.

Genzui Ramen Bar
Address: Atrium on Elliott 21-25 Elliott St, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand
Phone: +649 358 0240

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  1. Indeed a great place for Asian food lovers.

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