Betty’s Beach Cafe (Lahaina, Hawaii)

We had a great time at this place plus we got a free luau show by the beach as it was beside one of those places that does it. Just roughly less than 10-minute ride from where we stayed this place is one of the few places you can unwind and have lots of beer and party. Unlike Honolulu where on every corner there is a bar here in Maui you will have to drive to visit one.

Initially it was quite hard to find because it was hidden inside a small sort of shopping complex which looks really cool, I felt like I was transported so another place when we went here.

The restaurant was located at the end corner near the beach so if you get lost just walk towards the sea and you will find this, there were no fancy big signs so just look above your head and look for its name.

It was around 6:30 PM when we were here so we missed the happy hour, and for a tourist destination their prices were really reasonable but yes, we missed it maybe next time we come there really early.

So, as I sat and enjoy the sunset we started ordering beers and the best beer you can have are these Longboards (US$5.00) which is an American style Pale Lager, quite easy to drink, smooth and light perfect for a relaxing atmosphere like what you have here in Maui, more specifically in Lahinia.

Just imagine this on your hand on this view, it’s one of those life’s moments you want to savour. Feels like I don’t want to go back to reality, I can drink a lot of this Longboards while looking at that Hawaiian sunset. But as the sun sets and the darkness kicks in we started to change focus and started to get hungry, so we ordered some sides to enjoy with our ice-cold lager.

Starting with the Mahi Ceviche (US$12.00), this ceviche is prepared with mahi, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, cucumbers and lime juice, served with Betty’s homemade tortilla chips. Another light and refreshing appetizer, the fish tasted so fresh.

Then we also grabbed something oily, this needs to happen especially when you are drinking hence we ordered some Dirty Fries (US$8.00) which is made with French fries topped with brown onion gravy & bleu cheese crumbles. It’s like poutine but with blue cheese, I just wish they had used my favourite blue cheese, the Kapiti Kahurangi, maybe I will make my own at home. It was as advertised, I feel dirty afterwards but it was good! I just want to lick all of that gravy from the plate.

Many beers later we started our dinner and every time I am in Hawaii my first option will be seafood, it will be hard for me to choose beef as we have amazing beef in New Zealand, I don’t want to be disappointed, anyways I can eat that anytime back home why bother ordering it. And when in Hawaii the best fish to have is the meaty Mahi Mahi so this is what I ordered in the form of Mango Citrus Mahi ($21.00) basically a large fillet of Mahi Mahi lightly seasoned and baked in a mango citrus glaze, served with steamed white rice and served with Betty’s fresh papaya seed slaw. A perfect light dish especially when you started with lots of drink and heavy appetizers already.

After our dinner we still stayed for quite a while, I think I drank to many, in fact I tried several cocktails but was having too much fun and was not bothered to take photos of it anymore, I felt like I was back in college, I never drank this much since my teenager years. Like I said we had a great time here, too many longboards, nice atmosphere but most important of all the food was good.

Betty’s Beach Cafe
Address: 505 Front St #120, Lahaina, HI 96761, USA

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