Zhenchuan (Shek Mun, Hong Kong)

How many times have you relied on a picture on a menu because it was written on a foreign language? If not, you should try them, it is a fun experience, it’s like a surprise, you don’t know what you are getting. We did this recently on our trip to Hong Kong, staying at a remote place far from where the tourists are we sort of have expected this scenario.

One time after a long day walking and visiting the places near the CBD and Hong Kong’s tourist spots, we came back home too late that most of the restaurants were already closed, luckily this place just near the Shek Mun MTR Station was still open. We were hungry and had no choice so we decided to give this place a try. They were in the verge of closing the shop but luckily the manager or the owner accommodated us as their last customer.

We were then handed over the menu in which half of the items don’t have English translations. We ordered three things, in which two of them have no English translation, we just pointed out on the menu what we want.

First was this Yunnan Rice Vermicelli dish where we grabbed two of them to simplify the ordering process. Basically, it is a spicy noodle soup dish topped with minced meat, sliced pork, peanuts, spring onions, bean sprouts, pickled vegetables and lettuce. The soup was very tasty, not to spicy as we asked them not to make it too hot. The noodles were amazing as well, the texture was out of this world, which reminds me of the Assam Laksa noodles I use to always have back when I was living in Malaysia.

For the third dish, it has an English name, Meat Sauce on Rice/Fried Squid Tentacles (HK$40.00), it was also served with lettuce and some sort of tea egg. This was very filling, it was served on a large rice bowl and it definitely filled up my big hunger.

Finishing up with an ice-cold lemon Coke

Luckily, we stumbled upon this place, the food we had here was a first time for us and we liked it. The service was perfect! to think all they were 15 minutes into closing time and still accommodated us was a big kudos, they even let us stay 30 minutes after closing together with other late comers, and they dis served us with a big smile on the face.

Address: 18 On Lai St, Kings Wing Plaza 1, Sha Tin, Hong Kong

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