28 Filipino Soup Recipes


The remaining dishes that we cannot classify on any of the above

Chicken Arrozcaldo 1

Goto / Lugaw / Arrozcaldo – Filipinos love rice, rice as mains, for breakfast, as a snack and yes for soups as well.

Nido Soup 2

Nido – Solidified saliva from Swallows! It did take you off I know but don’t worry you can make mock ones of this because its illegal now in a lot of countries unless you are in China and rich. These things cost a fortune, probably to the tone of your first born.


5 Responses

  1. Stephen Tindle says:

    Thank you for the compilation. Definitely some I’ll be trying. The bile juices in pinapaitan will possibly be given a miss an I’ll possibly use coffee to bitterise that. I was interested to see you use the rice wash water to make Pesa. Is it used in other Philippine recipes? It always seemed a waste of a good starch liquid to just chuck it away( or my wife, who is Thai, will wash her face with it)

  2. suituapui says:

    I love clear soups, so nice and refreshing unlike the very thick, rich and creamy western ones.

  3. GiGi says:

    OH wow, I need to expand my horizons in the soup world, so I need to check out the full Rolodex of recipes! Something FISHY for me!!

  4. Love this compilation and will be checking them out. Yes it is cooling here for sure but the weather is out of wack with some unusually warm days still. Noodelicious calls my name first.

  5. mjskitchen says:

    Perfect! Not I have all season to test some of these out!

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