28 Filipino Soup Recipes

It’s all about the ginger

Now let’s go to the gingery stuff! The soups in this category features one important ingredient, the potent ginger. With this as the key ingredient, it gives all the soup here a fresher taste and removing any unpleasant taste like gamey or oily, plus with that ginger it gives that overall wellness feeling that can be good for ailment cures.

Tinola– The mother of all Filipino ginger soups, basically chicken or shellfish on a broth infused with a sauté of garlic, onions and lots of ginger. Usually vegetables like chayote, young pawpaw, chilli leaves, spinach and moringa are added to this already flavourful soup.

Lauya – If chicken is not your thing then try it with beef, for me it’s equally amazing

Bas-Uy – If you want to be adventurous then try this pork liver and chayote soup, with the ginger and lemongrass the gamey flavour of that liver is all gone. all you need to worry about is the texture.

Cathy's Lechon Rice 3

Pinapaitan – If you think Bas-uy is not exotic enough then try all of the beef innards instead plus its bile juice, pinapaitan in English means “To make things bitter” and surely this dish is. Anyways if bile is not your thing then there are other means to make this soup bitter like coffee, bitter gourd, etc. This dish BTW is a favourite of beer drinkers back home.



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  1. Stephen Tindle says:

    Thank you for the compilation. Definitely some I’ll be trying. The bile juices in pinapaitan will possibly be given a miss an I’ll possibly use coffee to bitterise that. I was interested to see you use the rice wash water to make Pesa. Is it used in other Philippine recipes? It always seemed a waste of a good starch liquid to just chuck it away( or my wife, who is Thai, will wash her face with it)

  2. suituapui says:

    I love clear soups, so nice and refreshing unlike the very thick, rich and creamy western ones.

  3. GiGi says:

    OH wow, I need to expand my horizons in the soup world, so I need to check out the full Rolodex of recipes! Something FISHY for me!!

  4. Love this compilation and will be checking them out. Yes it is cooling here for sure but the weather is out of wack with some unusually warm days still. Noodelicious calls my name first.

  5. mjskitchen says:

    Perfect! Not I have all season to test some of these out!

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