Burger Urge (Brisbane, Australia)

Brisbane Airport is not that huge, it’s quite a small airport hence there are only few dining places once you passed through immigration checks, roughly there are 6 places to eat and I mostly tried them all. One of them was this Burger Urge, I usually skip this place because for me it was just another burger, I was wrong.

One day I just got tired of the Windmill and Co, I used to dine in here a lot so I did change my pattern this time around. I had a look at the menu of Burger Urge and was intrigued with this Big Momma’s Kentucky Fried Waffle (AU$24.00), initially I thought it was fried chicken and waffles served separately but I was wrong when I got my order it was a freakish burger, in a nice way, I was stoked.

Basically, it is a House fried buttermilk chicken, crispy maple bacon, melted American style cheddar, pickles, sriracha mayo & lettuce served on a Big Momma’s Belgian Waffles bun. It is a chicken burger made with waffles and it was amazing, its sweet, its salty, its spicy, its creamy, its crunchy, it just simply works.

I was so lucky I tried this place otherwise I would not have tried this delicious treat. One of the highly recommended food items here at Ang Sarap, if you haven’t tried it you need to! Now I will definitely try their other offerings.

Burger Urge
Address: Brisbane International Airport Departures Lounge
Phone: +617 3114 7207
Website: http://burgerurge.com.au

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3 Responses

  1. How interesting! A burger with waffles instead of bread. Love the idea! I always wanted to visit Australia. Enjoy your visit!

  2. Holy Mackerel! A burger made with a ‘waffle bun.’ What a novel idea! I’ve been to the Brisbane airport several times- next time I will pass up MacDonalds and head for Burger Urge!

  3. suituapui says:

    I wonder if I can make gluten-free waffles. Then my girl can get to enjoy burgers again. We can’t get gluten-free flour here – it is used in a lot of recipes, it seems. Rice/tapioca/sago/corn…and all those are simply not the same.

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