Fairwood (Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong)

I don’t know I am so fond of fast food restaurant like this, Fairwood like Cafe de Coral and Can-teen offers home-style food in a fast food style fashion. I would definitely choose these over burger chains or fried chicken joints, and that’s the Asian in me coming out.

Fairwood in Hong Kong is everywhere in fact there was one in Wan Chai very near to where I lived before, hence like Cafe de Coral it is my go to place for dinners after work when I am on my own. Fast forward 15 years later here we are again, not in Wan Chai but on the other side, in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Like Cafe de Coral their menu is displayed in the wall and their set of menus are changed regularly so you don’t get sick and tired of the same thing again and again. This menu system is quite common in Hong Kong, even in places like Yoshinoya applies this style. I guess it is quite easy as you don’t need to remember those long names, or even speak in Cantonese all you need to tell the counter is you’re the letter and number that corresponds to your choice.

After ordering you will be given a wireless bell so it sounds and vibrates when your order is ready, no need to wait and loiter in front of the counter.

So, what did we ordered? Like I said I like these places as the ones they cook here feels home style like this Hairtail with Kimchi in Pot Served with Rice (HK$52.00). Now what Western restaurant serves food like this, fish complete with bones, for me I love it, its rustic style makes it feel like you are at home. The dish is delicious but like anyone would imagine it is very inconvenient.

We also grabbed some Stir-Fried Pork Slices and Indian Lettuce in Black Bean Sauce (HK$44.00), again another rustic dish, yet another amazing one. We love vegetable dishes like this.

We also had some Sweet and Sour Pork (HK$40.00), and like in true Chinese fashion, this too exceeded our expectations.

Their food is comforting, like how your mom cook it at home, it was also good that we had this since it was our last days in Hong Kong when we dined in here and we are getting home sick already, dining in here made us feel close back to home.

Fairwood (Humphreys Avenue)
Address: 8 Humphreys Ave, Grand Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2856 4468
Website: http://www.fairwood.com.hk/tch/promotions/promotions.jsp


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