Must Try Food in Macau

Macanese Cuisine like the Filipino cuisine is a beautiful amalgamation of different cuisines fused in together, influences like the Portuguese and Chinese plus spices traded from Africa, India and the coast of Malacca is what makes it unique. Before I had tried their food only food stalls that cater this type of cuisine but now I am so lucky I had tried it first hand when we visited Macau several months ago.

I had been compiling lists like this for all of the countries I had visited lately and today I am compiling this Must Try Food in Macau so in the future if you travel to that place you have been advised. Though this is not a comprehensive list, these are the best ones I can recommend.

Portuguese Egg Tarts – This is the holy grail of Macanese cuisine, if you will ever choose one on this list this has to be the one. This sweet silky-smooth custard buttery flaky pastry is a piece of heaven here on earth.

Pork Chop Bun 3

Pork Chop Buns – Burgers, sliders, hotdogs give way as these Macanese creation is definitely 100% better. Its meatier and tastier, this no-frills snack in a soft pillowy bun is a definitely must try.

Macanese Sawdust Pudding or Serradura Pudding – One of the simplest dessert to make, it is only made up with three ingredients, Marie biscuits, condensed milk and whipped cream. It can be made at home easily but the real thing is way much better

Minchi – Minced beef and pork, potatoes and wood ear fungus seasoned with Soy Sauce and Molasses, a perfect match with that hot steaming rice.

Caldo Verde – You won’t believe something coloured in green would taste amazing! This kale and potato soup delivers its promises

 Piri Piri Chicken 1

African Chicken – Yes, it’s the same as peri peri chicken they just call it like this. You know it, its spicy, its hot, its amazingly delicious

Bakkwa – You will see this everywhere even taste it for free. The Asian jerky made with pork, its salty sweet and juicy unlike the beef jerky that looks like a flavoured cut up leather belt.

Almond Cookies – Like the Bakkwa this is also everywhere, everyone buys them as well. If there is one souvenir to buy in Macau then this is it. Like shortcake but silkier, melt-in-your-mouth texture with bits of almonds.


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