Yat Lok Restaurant (Central, Hong Kong)

There are many people who say Hong Kong is an expensive place to live, sometimes I agree with that but would you believe that some Michelin Star restaurants here will cost similar to a McDonald’s combo meal? Well that statement is true in fact we already reviewed one of those restaurants several days ago and now this one, Yat Lok Restaurant.

This please is cheap as it can get but it does not stop foodies around the world to give this a visit when they are in Hong Kong. Even celebrities, rich people, food critics and known chefs go for a pilgrimage to have a taste of that brilliant roasted goose served with a sweet plum dipping sauce. There are no special treatment in here, everyone has to queue outside since there are not ample space inside. It is always full packed and tight.

These places only serve those hanging meat you usually see in Chinese restaurants, Roast Goose, Barbecue Pork, Roast Pork, Steam Chicken, Soy Chicken and Dumplings. That’s it! nothing more and nothing less which is good because they can only concentrate on where they are good at and even perfect that recipe.

Their most prized item here is the roast goose, even my wife who does not like eating duck had a good time in here and loved the texture and flavour.

The only downside to this place is that the sense of personal space is unknown as it’s so popular the only way to cater for more patrons is to cram you all in a very tight space together with other strangers. Usually in a table of four they cram six people on it, it’s that tight, luckily there is a small cubicle free for us that can only accommodate 3 people, it’s so small if you are the one inside all of the ones near outside will have to stand up before you can go out, just imagine a budget airline economy seat, it is similar to that even tighter.

But diners don’t care, what is important is that they are having the best goose of their lives. It was so good, I wanted to refuse eating the rice just those goose alone is enough.

If you are not really a fan of duck/goose and not willing to try them they also have roast pork and other stuff, the pork too was amazing.

We just tried those two, the Roasted Goose with Rice (HK$55.00) and Roasted Pork with Rice (HK$55.00), that is cheap for just US$ 7.00 you will have a Michelin Star meal. I though regretted not trying the other ones but there are other times for that, another excuse to go back to Hong Kong.

It was a good experience, not a five-star style experience as the staff never smiled or even was inviting, the place was cramped and you have to queue for quite a while to get that food but the great food negated all of those, you won’t even notice those all you will mind is how good that goose is.

Yat Lok Restaurant  
Address: Conwell House, G/F, 34-38 Stanley St, Central, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2524 3882


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