Mrs Fields (Central, Hong Kong)

Back during the days when I travel via ferry from Wan Chai Ferry Pier to Star Ferry Pier on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong I was always tortured by the smell of freshly baked cookies from Mrs Fields, it’s one of those unavoidable things as it was near the Exit gates of the pier. It was so tempting to grab a couple of cookies so half of the time I fail and surrender. Fast forward 14 years that same temptation came back when we visited Hong Kong and that distinctive smell approached us when we are walking in the Central MTR Station.

It was 2 cookies and a drink but I can’t remember the price

Tempting especially when you had a light breakfast so we once again surrendered

I grabbed some white chocolate macadamia and chocolate chunk with some hot chocolate. The first bite felt like heaven, semi crisp outside and very soft and warm inside, it’s just so satisfying to the senses.

So, if you are on a diet or for some reason avoiding a really delicious cookie then I suggest don’t pass by places where Mrs. Fields Cookies are located, you will be easily tempted by the sight and smell of their wonderful cookies, it will just be like a spell that you will easily submit and abdicate.

Mrs. Fields Cookies Restaurant
Address: Shop N8, Central MTR Station, Central District, Hong Kong, China


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