Maxim’s Cakes (Tai Wai, Hong Kong)

What’s the difference between Asians and Westerners in terms of cake preference? First are the flavours where Asians prefer unique ones like matcha, ube, taro, fruits but done in a mild way while Westerners like rich flavours like chocolate. Another main difference is that Asians like it light and fluffy while Westerners like it dense and heavy.

Way back when I was still working in Hong Kong this place was my go to cake place, Maxim’s cakes, you can find them everywhere and it is quite affordable.

Maxim’s cakes are mainly targeting the Asian market hence their cakes are the ones that Asian’s prefer, soft fluffy and light in taste. Having said that they do also sell non-cake items like pasties and breads but for our post today we will be specifically talking about their soft roll which we cannot resist after seeing them in one of the MTR stations going back to our hotel.

There were three options and we got the Maxim’s 3.9 Soft Roll Strawberry (HK$68.00), as expected it was so soft, with mild milky strawberry flavour, it was filled with strawberry cream with strawberry jelly jam bits in the middle. This is how a cake should be, light, delicious and just enough taste to tickle your sensation, where a slice, two or three won’t give you that guilty feeling.

MTR Tai Wai Station – Maxim’s Cakes
Address: Shop 7&8, Unpaid Concourse, MTR Tai Wai Station, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2693 6126


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