Cafe De Coral (Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong)

This was my go to restaurant back during the days, it’s like fast food at the same time home style, it’s a mix of both worlds, getting what’s best on each of them. Yes, food here is served fast like McDonalds or KFC and the food served are like home style meals.

I almost ate here every day during the early 2000’s and I missed it hence it was one of my agenda when we visited Hong Kong early this year. It’s quite easy to find this place in Hong Kong, its everywhere so if you have a chance, try it, you won’t regret it.

The one we visited when we were here was the one in Harbour City, this one is quite tricky to find, even I had a hard time remembering it, located at the far end of the mall opposite the Harbour Front on the farthest corner.

The menu looks impressive and to think they prepare these things really quickly it’s amazing, from rice dishes, noodles and soups, these are Hong Kong Style home cooked dishes at its best. They also change menus regularly so if you like something this month in two months’ time it might not be there anymore.

Luckily my all-time favourite is still hanging around like this Baked thick cut pork chop with cheese and rice (HK$44.00). Basically, egg fried rice topped with pork chops, tangy tomato sauce and gooey cheese, it’s a perfect comfort meal.

Also ordered this classic Slow cooked beef brisket Curry with Rice (HK$48.00) another comfort meal that I commonly order not just in this place but in most restaurants in Hong Kong that serves this. It’s just so different compared to the Indian ones, its milder, creamer and more palatable for non-curry lovers.

Then we had this, Pork & Chinese Kale with Shrimp Paste in Stone Pot (HK$57.00) served with gravy that you pour into the hot bowl before eating. This dish was full of flavour, umami filled dish which is attributed to that fish paste, especially good with lots of rice.

Glad to see I tried this again, the food and the flavour haven’t changed, it certainly brings back a lot of memories. I missed this place I hope they open out branches outside of Hong Kong, simple dishes freshly cooked like how it’s made at home.

Cafe de Coral – Harbour City
Address: Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2175 0181


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  1. Royp says:

    It’s really yummy to the fullest! Hahah
    I just missed the food there especially

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