Can-teen (Admiralty, Hong Kong)

This was my hood before as it was very near to the third place where I lived in Hong Kong, Wing Fung St. Admiralty specifically Pacific Place is just around 15 minutes walk from my apartment and I am a main stay here and in Hong Kong park on weekends where I don’t have anything to do. On our last trip in Hong Kong these are the one of the places I visited while the infrastructure has not changed a lot, the shops did.

We stopped by Admiralty Centre after failing to find the food court in Pacific Place where I usually have lunch on weekends, it seems like it is not existing anymore, I was saddened as there was one place before that I usually order beef curry but now it only exists in my memory. So here we are in Admiralty Centre, accidentally discovered this place called Can-teen.

If you like Cafe de Coral and Fairwood this place offers something similar, different dishes of mostly Asian in origin. Located in the middle part of Admiralty Centre this is easy to find as the occupy the central part of the mall where it is visible from all the mall escalators.

Like most Hong Kong restaurants the seating capacity is large but since this was in a Central location plus it was a weekend we still have to queue and wait for free seats. The queue was quite long but the turnaround was quite quick so I guess in 10 – 15 minutes we are seated plus we already have our orders because before being seated you already had ordered and paid.

First on our order was the Spare Ribs & Bitter Squash with Rice (HK$36.00), it was one of the cheapest food on offer but if this is in New Zealand it would be the other way around as Bitter Melon or Bitter Squash here costs a fortune, in season it is $14.00 per kg and if its out of season the cost is your firstborn. It’s a nice dish, well-balanced flavour and not too bitter.

We then had this Baked Rice with Seafood in Sweet Corn Sauce (HK$58.00), it is a must when you are in Hong Kong, baked rice is one of their must try dishes and this is my choice for today. I always love baked rice, regardless of its flavour it is such a comfort meal. This dish though wont compare to New Zealand seafood was still great, flavourful and creamy.

Finally we had this Japanese Char-Siu with Ramen in Soup (HK$58.00), will our Japan travel still lingering on our thoughts we had to have this dish. It is not as great as what you get in Japan but it was good, more meat definitely.

And the choice for our drink was this Hong Kong Style Iced Milk Tea (NZ$16.00), a choice of my daughter but I warned her even before ordering for us. It is not like the milk tea from Taiwan, it’s not sweet and milk tea here is made with the real thing, black tea and milk so it will be bitter and creamy.

I like this place, its simple, its straightforward, no fuss. Like Cafe de Coral and Fairwood its a good place to have a fast food speed service but still enjoy home style meals at an affordable price.

Address: 18 Harcourt Rd, Central, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2865 6955


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