Sunrise Kitchen (North Shore City, New Zealand)

Like I mentioned before we would want to try all of the restaurants here in Corinthian Drive and now here is one of them, Sunrise Kitchen. This place is conveniently located right in the middle of this row of restaurants and like most cuisines in the place it is Asian, this time it is Mainland Chinese cuisine.

Like most places here the premises are not that huge, perhaps it seats around 30 people at one time. We came here on a lunch time and luckily, we were on the early lunch break time because after 15 minutes of staying here the place started to become really busy, it was quite a popular spot. What’s even better is that we already ordered quite quickly before the chaos started.

We had friends who tried this place before hence two of the ones we ordered are the ones that was highly recommended to us. First was this Braised Eggplant and Rice ($11.80) which is made of minced pork and eggplant in a sweet savoury thick sauce. A very tasty dish and the sauce goes really well with the freshly cooked jasmine rice.

Another of the recommended dishes was this Spicy Marinated Chicken Slices ($12.80), served cold at first, I found it quite weird as I never had tried any cold Chinese dish but after my first bite you won’t even notice it because the taste and the spiciness would mask the temperature of the dish. It was really nice, I think this will really go well with ice cold beer, definitely an appetizer or a beer match dish.

We also grabbed some Braised Pork in Brown Sauce and Rice ($12.80), served with bamboo shoots and wood ear fungus, it was quite tasty as well but I find the pork needed more cooking as I was expecting it to be melt in your mouth like other braised pork belly dishes.

Finally, our last order which was the Prawn Dumplings ($20.00), freshly cooked these dumplings were meaty and juicy, not sure though if this is made in store like how the do it in Barilla Dumplings because they look like the ones you buy in the supermarket, it even tastes like one. If that is the case then it’s better to buy the supermarket ones as they are just a quarter of the price.

I think we should have just stayed with the recommended dishes as the ones we had chosen was not as par the ones that got recommended and the other one looks like the frozen ones you buy in the supermarket. Other than that, I guess everything was OK, place was clean and the service was fast, and yes, the recommended dishes were great as well.

Sunrise Kitchen
Address: 14 Corinthian Dr, Albany, Auckland 0632, New Zealand
Phone: +649 213 2819

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  1. When I go to a restaurant, I also want to try all. It’s a pity that this one is so far away from me, in NZ. But you know what? If I had to choose one dish only, I would have ordered the dumplings.

  2. Oh wow looks so delicious, love the braised eggplant and pork dishes. Tood bad about the dumplings though.

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