Cross Roads Cafe (North Shore City, New Zealand)

Cafe culture here in Auckland is quite big this is due to the fact that Kiwis love coffee and many of us are connoisseurs of this black beverage. Kiwis will go a long way just to get this daily caffeine fix hence there are many cafes around Auckland that can be anything from hole-in-the-wall’, mobile sho or even a full-blown cafe. I think we have more cafe than other types and fast-food style restaurants combined, this is how we love our coffee.

I guess you probably know by now that the one behind this blog is a Filipino who grew up in Manila this means I was brought up with Western fast foods and instant coffee, but after residing for more than 10 years here in New Zealand and probably living outside of the Philippines roughly for 20 years I had embraced that Cafe Culture and developed that connoisseur taste in me. Yes, I hate instant coffee now, it’s like comparing heaven and hell, that instant stuff for me now tastes like chemical and not even close to the natural stuff.

Like I said earlier there are heaps of cafes in Auckland area hence some of the reviews you see here are cafes like what we are featuring today, the Cross Roads Cafe.

Cross Road Cafe is located in the corner of Kitchener Roads and Milford Roads in Milford and I guess that’s is why it was named like such. It’s in a good location where lots of shops, restaurants and cafes are located, there are even very popular ones on the same street. This was our first time here because like I said there are well known cafes along the vicinity which we usually go to. This time we gave this place a shot.

The offer the usual everyday breakfast stuff like Bagels, Toasts, Hot Cakes, Eggs Benedict and Omelettes to name some, the price is comparable as well to the surrounding similar cafes but during our visit I did not feel having anything from the menu apart from the pancake so we ended up grabbing random stuff from the glass shelves.

I grabbed some sausage rolls

Some chicken sandwich with avocadoes

as well as an egg sandwich.

All of them are so filling and everything was filled to the brim with stuffing like that chicken sandwich and egg sandwich.

But what stands out here was their pancakes ($17.90), two pieces of hefty fluffy pancakes they call Buttermilk Hotcakes, served with maple and orange mascarpone, poached rhubarb, salted butterscotch and pistachio. This was really good, it was so fluffy but still bearing some heavy weight and the combination of the creamy mascarpone and sweet salty butterscotch is a flavour made in heaven.

This place is quite underrated hence compared to its neighbours but luckily, we tried them otherwise we won’t know what this place got to offer. What’s even better here is that you don’t have to queue or wait to be served.

Crossroads Cafe Milford
Address: 101-103 Kitchener Rd, Milford, Auckland 0620, New Zealand
Phone: +649 489 9708


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