Bangkok Rolled Ice Cream (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

New Zealand is quite a remote country comparing to others our nearest neighbour is Australia and they are also far from any other countries. Having that geological restriction most of the world fads comes in to our country quite late. That is why food craze like this the cronuts, freak shakes , kale and quinoa are tried by Kiwis after several months before it become popular.

Take this Thai Rolled Ice Cream, I had been seeing this for quite some time online. If I can remember I first saw this on my Facebook feed for roughly 6 months ago and the first time I tried them was June 2017 here in Auckland. I never knew this was here until one night we were walking back to my parking lot we saw this place called Bangkok with quite a long queue (by New Zealand) standards and as we walk closer we were surprised that it was the Thai Rolled Ice Cream I always see in Facebook.

They have 31 flavours like Oreo, Mango Lychees, Chocolate, Caramel, Coffee Cake, Guava even Feijoas, there’s options for everyone. Price is really affordable which starts from $3.50 for a small one up to $6.00 for a large one. They also have dairy free options.

It’s quite a mission to make one of these and for $4.50 for a medium size I think this is way too affordable, if you can see them preparing this, it like blood sweat and tears. I had this on the middle of winter, the device they make the ice cream on was too cold, it was in the middle of the night but the one who prepared them are in t-shirt and sweating.

Preparing it takes some time, I think one ice cream cup will take around 3-4 minutes for someone really good at it but it can take as much as 5 minutes if you are a noob. It’s just a simple concoction, I guess the cream they pour is already sweetened and all they have to mix are the flavours, from fresh fruits and others.

They also offer free toppings like cream, sprinkles and barquillos (sweet biscuit roll).
So, how was it? Well it’s an ice cream and the only difference is that this is freshly made and it’s not airy like the commercial ones you buy in the tub where it is whipped in the process. What I like here is that they minimize the use of flavouring as most of the ones I saw and tried were either real fruits, cake, cookies and chocolate.

So is it worth the wait on the queue, well yes just the effort alone of the servers plus the use of fresh ingredients is enough to make its worth.

Bangkok Rolled Ice Cream
Address: 184 Karangahape Rd, Auckland, New Zealand 1010

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  1. Jeff says:

    I guess I’m way behind, because I’ve never heard of rolled ice cream!

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