Yum Yum Cafe and Grill (North Shore City, New Zealand)

If Mt Eden and Balmoral have Dominion Road then Albany has Corinthian Drive, this place has started to transform into a mini foodie paradise, while mostly they are a hit I already experienced a miss. We are trying to try every restaurant here and I think to this date we already had tried all of them. Yum Yum Cafe and Grill was the last one we tried and they serve mostly Hong Kong Cuisine. Like most of you knew I lived in Hong Kong before so once in a while I missed their food and today is the time to reminisce that by dining in here.

If you look at the menu and know a lot of the Hong Kong cuisine, then you will have the feeling these guys are legit, Macaroni Soups, Spaghetti or Rice offered with meats on your choice of sauce, Baked Rice, Milk Tea and Butter Toast. These are the common dishes in Hong Kong eaten by locals on a daily basis. A cuisine that is a marriage of British and Chinese, it’s one of those unique combination of two cuisines.

As we dined in I initially saw that baked rice but the waiter told us that there was a long wait if we order them, I was quite saddened by the situation but luckily I saw this Beef Brisket Noodle Soup ($12.00) and I was craving for it for quite some time now, especially after that unsatisfactory experience on a neighbouring restaurant I have high hopes on this one.

Another very Hong Kong dish that we ordered is this mix and match rice/spaghetti, meat and sauce dish. Basically, you can choose from rice or spaghetti; then meat like fish, beef and chicken; how the meat is prepared like grilled, crumbed, or fried; then a choice from three sauces like black pepper, tomato and mushroom; then finished up with a side of steamed vegetables and French fries. For our order, we got Chicken Fillet Spaghetti in Mushroom Sauce ($14.00).

Last of our order was this Tonkotsu Ramen / Pork Bone Soup ($12.00), not really a Hong Kong dish but since we already missed Japan hence we grabbed one of these.

A Hong Kong dining experience will not be complete without ordering a Milk Tea hence we grabbed some as well. For those who haven’t tried this type of tea it might come as a surprise for you as this is nothing similar to the sweet creamy Taiwanese Bubble Tea, this one has a strong tea flavour on it and it is not sweet.

Overall, I was very satisfied, I reminded me of what it used to be when I was in Hong Kong. Most of my lunch time meals consists of something similar to their menu. Food was amazing and the beef brisket noodle soup did redeem my failed attempt on another restaurant.

Yum Yum Cafe and Grill  
Address: 9/14 Corinthian Dr, Albany, Auckland 0632, New Zealand
Phone: +649 390 3488

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