My Kitchen (North Shore City, New Zealand)

I was excited the first time I saw this in Corinthian Drive because this is the one of the least represented Asian cuisine here in New Zealand. Taiwanese cuisine is amazing, it’s like a marriage of Chinese and Western cuisine and its delicious, some great examples are Fried Fish Gua Bao, Coffin Bread, Beef Shank Noodle Soup, Bubble Tea, Taiwanese Breaded Chicken (Ji-Pai) and Mongolian Barbecue, YES! Mongolian Barbecue is a Taiwanese creation believe it or not. Taiwan is even considered to be a foodie haven and a lot of Asians have this on their to visit lists because of their food.

Having said all of those I have high hopes for this place we recently discovered, so does this place raised Taiwan’s flag properly in terms of representing their cuisine? Let’s find out.

As a basic I ordered Beef Noodle Soup ($11.90) because this is almost the national food in Taiwan, its comparable to adobo in the Philippines or Tom Yum of Thailand, it should be given that any Taiwanese restaurant should be able to do this properly. As this order arrived I was so excited, the looks are what I was expecting, deep colour from the beef which means it was soaked for a long time on its sauce plus the noodles which are flat.

Another order was this Steamed Fish ($11.90) which is served either with Rice or Noodle, again it looks picture perfect like the Beef Noodle dish.

Then on the side we also grabbed some Egg Pancakes ($6.90) which is generously filled with eggs and was cut into bite sized sections.

So how did it go? Well it did not live to the Taiwanese standards, Beef noodle might look tasty but it lacks the flavour I am after, the steamed fish did not use a fresh fish and they used a frozen Basa fish which you can buy in Asian shops, the noodles it came with was tasteless your better off with rice I think, same with the pancakes it lacks the fat which is needed to carry the flavour. While they were not too bad, I guess I just have higher standards as I tried and already made the real versions of the dish I tried here, perhaps for others these may be good specially for those who haven’t tried this cuisine. I guess on a positive note the best one on this bunch was the Beef Noodle Soup.

My Kitchen Taiwanese Restaurant  
Address: 14 Corinthian Dr, Albany, Auckland 0632, New Zealand
Phone: +649 948 1888

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