Harajuku Gyoza (Brisbane, Australia)

This year has been crazy for me in terms of travelling, with a mixture of work and personal travel since January I was out of the country for 5 times. Japan, Hong Kong, Hawaii and twice in Australia while its quite draining, I love it because travelling is one of my passion and the things I discover when I overseas puts the cherry on top.

Today we are in Brisbane and after our Japan trip a couple of months ago I am already missing their food so today we are having some Japanese in the land of Kangaroos and Koalas. Our restaurant of choice, Harajuku Gyoza, located in Brisbane CBD on Queen St, this place is not hard to find, it is even located in a place where other restaurants are tucked in.

Upon entering their premises, you will easily be transported to an experience similar to what you get in Tokyo or any major cities in Japan where everyone greets you Moshi Moshi as you come in. The place and its fixtures represent their culture as well where ceiling are all filled up with Ultraman

and plates the feature people you see in Harajuku.

Menu was quite similar as well where they offer gyoza, donburis, karaage and several Japanese sides.

I grabbed some takoyaki (AU$8.00) and gyoza ((AU$8.30) for starters. Can’t get enough of those delicious takoyakis, very soft and pillowy inside with hints of the bonito flakes and kew pie mayonnaise, this is a perfect combination of savoury and creamy.

I also grabbed some Chicken Katsu Curry with Pickled Daikon Carrot and Toasted Peanuts (AU$13.50), this too was great. The flavours are near if not the same to the ones we had when we visited Japan earlier this year.

For the beer, there are many options but I grabbed some Kirin today as this is the one we usually don’t get in the super market, a light beer that is easy to drink and its very crisp.

I will definitely come back here and try their other offerings, I liked the environment, the people and their food. Definitely I feel like I was warped in Japan when we dined in here.

Harajuku Gyoza Brisbane CBD  
Address: 141 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia
Phone: +61 7 3210 1231
Website: harajukugyoza.com

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