Minna No Yakitori (Nara, Japan)

After a train ride from Osaka to Nara we stopped by on the Nara JR Station and saw this delicious looking chicken stand inside the building. It was still mid-morning but the scent and sight the chicken on display is very tempting enough so we decided to get some for snack.

The offer them in different flavours and styles, like chicken popcorn, crumbed, coated, spicy, honey soy – and wings to name some

They also sell whole, half and quarter roasted chicken

as well as skewered wings in different flavours. It is like a chicken heaven, grilled, roasted or fried on any flavour you name it probably they have it.

Prices are quite reasonable where it starts from ¥180.00 for a chicken wing, ¥300.00 for a lump of fried chicken on a plate and ¥500.00 for half a chicken.

For us since what brought us here was the aroma of the karaage we grabbed those karaage on a plate which we can mix and match the flavours. So I got some hot and spicy, the normal one and I think it was the shoyu. There were three pieces for each flavour so we have a total of 9 pieces and only for ¥300.00 this was a steal.

As expected the chicken was good, prepared the Japanese way it was a different crisp, less oily and felt light, I don’t care if I have another nine pieces of it. This definitely filled us up ready to take on a long walk inside Nara park.

Minna No Yakitori
Address: 〒630-8122 Nara-ken, Nara-shi, Sanjōhonmachi, 1, JR Nara Station, Japan


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