Yunke No Shokutaku (Aeon Mall, Kyoto, Japan)

Our last couple of days in Kyoto was quite of an open plan so we just strolled around and try to explore places, then we stumbled upon this Aeon Mall because of its bright lights. Just outside the Kyoto Station this was not hard to find and this big mall has it all from shops, arcades and even food courts on the top level.

After we explored the whole place it was dinner time and what a perfect way to finish it on its top most floor where there are several choices of food stalls. After several weeks of Japanese, we decided to have something different hence we chose this place called Yunke No Shokutaku where they offer some Korean dishes like bibimbap and kalbi.

It was a good change especially when you are starting to crave for meaty dishes, this was a good place to be in. Menu is quite simple I guess no more than 15 items which we really like because the lesser choice means less stress.

This also means we can pick items easier and what we had chosen was the Toro Kalbi BBQ Set ‎ (¥820.00)

and the Chicken Rice Bowl ‎ (¥690.00)

Ordering was quite easy and once you placed it a remote device is given which will vibrate when you order is ready so you don’t have to wait in the counter.

Food was cooked fresh so there was quite a wait but not really that long, in less than 10 minutes we have both our orders.

The Toro Kalbi was a set hence it came with soup, rice, salad, kimchi and some seaweed.

Though the beef serving is nowhere near what we have in New Zealand it was so tasty and much better than other Japanese places in terms of meat amount. Beef was so tender and perfectly cooked and seasoned.

The chicken was good as well, it was sweet and spicy but not too hot. Comes with salad and rice as well.

Both dishes come in a hot plate so they were sizzling and keeps it hot while you eat them. Overall I love their food, it was no frills just plain old good food.

Yunke No Shokutaku
Address: 1 Nishikujotoriiguchicho Minami-Ku | 4F, Kyoto 601-8417, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Phone: +81 75-693-2929


2 Responses

  1. GiGi Eats says:

    I friggin’ ADORE Asian malls – grocery stores – everything!!! I could and DO wander around them for hours upon hours at a time when I am blessed with the opportunity to go!

  2. suituapui says:

    They have AEON in KL, not here…the supermarket and departmental store – in definitely more than one mall there. Don’t think they have a food court, not sure.

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