Wan Zhu Ji 万豚記 広島基町クレド店 (Hiroshima, Japan)

Hiroshima is quite far from our home base when we had our vacation in Japan but luckily, we have some JR Rail Pass which enables us to have an unlimited use of trains within the JR Rail Network including the Shinkansen / Bullet Train. Using the Shinkansen brings Hiroshima closer to where we are which is Osaka, so in just an hour and a half we are 330 kilometres away from our point of origin.

We arrived here around 10:00 AM which gives us a bit of time to go sightseeing before lunch time, so we first went to Hiroshima Castle and explore its grounds. It’s a bit of walk from the tram station but it was not that far. We had two hours to explore the place, and in that couple of hours we saw the caste grounds, the castle as well as the Hiroshima Gokoku Shrine. After that we headed back to the station where we came from as that was sort of the central place where things are happening.

While walking back we saw this mall called Pacela and it was perfect timing since it was slightly past 12:00 noon which means its lunch time, on the left you will notice a fountain that flows though until the basement levels and we followed that leading us to the row of restaurants, there were at least nearly a dozen options and what we tried this time was the Chinese place called Wan Zhu Ji.

It was a nice place, very Oriental in design. There were lots of options to choose from but to avoid the confusion we just chose the value set items, it was also a good deal where noodles are served with rice and fried chicken, this will definitely fill your hunger.

The first option that we got was this ‎¥1080 Value Set where its main dish is a Spicy black sesame Noodle Soup dish, we also grabbed the ‎¥980 Value Set which is served with Shoyu Ramen. Both of the noodles like I mentioned earlier was served with a bowl of fried rice and 3 pieces of fried chicken. It was a sweet deal and definitely filled up my hunger.

At first I was sceptical about the noodles as I haven’t tried anything like this before, but it was surprisingly delicious, not to spicy but yes you can taste that toasted black sesame on it.

It feels like ramen but with more flavours and zing, I actually like it. On the other hand, the other noodle was also great but since at this time we already had our fair share of Japanese ramens from shoyo, tonkotsu, miso and shio it feels quite normal now. Not that it was bad but were getting used to the flavour.

The fried rice was also good specially with the fried chicken, this might come as a surprise with others but this is quite normal here were noodle soup dishes are served with fried rice on the side. Usually its enjoyed by one diner but there is no stopping you to share specially in this restaurant where their serving is quite larger than most places.

Apart from the set meals we also tried their Steamed Pork Bun (‎¥240.00) and see how it compares to our standards. Served on a bamboo steamer like its original Chinese counterparts it was also served in threes, we have high hopes on this one as this is one of our favourite food items. On first bite, we were not impressed as we are looking for something like we get on those Yam Cha places where it is sweet and savoury, this one was not sweet. Might be it is meant for the Japanese palate hence it did not meet our expectation, anyways it was not totally bad it was just a different flavour profile to the ones we got used to, anyways we still manged to finish it.

Of all the places, we ate in Japan I guess this is one of those places that has big portion sizes, dishes here specially the value set ones will satisfy any hunger that you may have. The food too was great just don’t put any expectations on how it supposed to taste as the flavours here I guess was designed for the Japanese palate. We enjoyed it here, it gave us enough fuel to continue on with our day.

After this we headed towards the Atomic Bomb Dome to see its remnants

We also visited the Children’s Peace Monument and the Peace Bell

and to finish our day we strolled along Hon Dori after heading back to Osaka.

Wan Zhu Ji 万豚記 広島基町クレド店
Address: 中区基町6-78 (基町クレド・パセーラ B1F), Hiroshima, Hiroshima 730-0011, Japan
Phone: +81 82-502-3388
Website: kiwa-group.co.jp


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    Sad place, brings back memories of tragic times.

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