Tsukiji Sushi Sen (Tsukiji, Tokyo, Japan)

These are what my dreams are made of and luckily it became a reality, dining in here where the freshest catch of the day is sold on sushi/sashimi restaurants like this. It was early in the morning when we visited this place and we dined in on the oddest time of the day to have raw fish, mid-morning. Having said that were not the only ones who did this because the time we were in this establishment is that there is already a queue of people waiting to be seated and even in the cold morning we patiently waited for our turn.

It’s quite a small place, I think it can only accommodate around 20 to 25 people, equipped with 5 to 6 sushi chefs, each of them is ready at your disposal when you ask for that amazing fresh slice of fish. To make things simple we ordered sets first was the Nigiri Set (‎¥1480.00) which consists of 8 nigiri like Tamago, Sweet Shrimp, Sardine, Salmon Roe, Bluefin Tuna, Japanese Common Squid, Salmon and Fresh Seabass.

We also grabbed some Creative Set (‎¥1380.00) which looked like a work of art, where sashimi is served, sliced and presented non-traditional but more of a creative way. It consists of 2 Salmon, Squid, 2 Egg-Shrimp, Bean Curd, Shio Salmon Roe and Tuna Avocado.

Then we started to try individual ones

starting from Prosciutto and Tuna (‎¥198.00) which is quite an interesting but delicious combination, the tried and tested combination of Avocado Tuna (‎¥198.00), another one of the Salmon (‎¥198.00), the less fatty tuna variant, Natural Bluefin Tuna (‎¥298.00)

And several of this melt in your mouth Rich Bluefin Tuna (‎¥498.00), it’s quite pricey for once slice but it’s all worth it. I never had tasted tuna like this, its rich, it melts in your mouth, it’s like a meaty butter.

I can have these for breakfast every day, it was truly fresh from the sea to the market to your mouth in the shortest time possible, you can feel the big difference. I even noticed it with the squid because as you bite them it still secretes more slime in its flesh which makes it thicker and thicker as you bite them. I also noticed since the seafood was fresh there is a little fishy smell to them.

It was a good experience and we loved it, in fact I also tried something that a friend of mine told, apparently, it is not a good idea to ask for an additional wasabi because you need to consume the sashimi how it was presented to you, it will be an insult to the chef if you do this because they believe they had prepared it perfectly for you and there is no need to add anything to it. I was curious if this was true so I tried, well I got told off, so if I were you don’t do it they are serious in their craft.

I will definitely come back here if I can in the future, there is just no place that can match this.

Tsukiji Sushi Sen
Address: コティビル2, 5-9-1 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan
Phone: +81 3-5537-2878


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