Tsukiji Shokudo Gen-chan (Sunshine City, Tokyo, Japan)

This was one of the unplanned places we visited in Japan, we had freed up a half day from our schedule since we already visited the some of the places on our list earlier so we gave Sunshine City a shot. Just a few stations away from Shinjuku (the place where we stayed) is Ikebukuro Station, the nearest station in this big mall. The mall is not the place we want to visit but it was the Pokémon Centre inside this mall. Though I am not a big fan of it we enjoyed looking thought the different Pokémon toys on sale specially my daughter.

The main attraction here is not just the Pokémon centre, there are many more like the Sunshine Aquarium, Sky Circus, Namja Town, J-World Tokyo, Planetarium Manten and the Fountain Plaza. And if that’s not enough for you why not try its 250 plus shops and I guess around 50 restaurants (sorry can’t get this info anywhere) of which most of them are located on the top most floor.

This is we ended up our visit here dining in on a place called Tsukiji Shokudo Gen-chan where they serve set meals with sushi and sashimi.

We came in quite late for lunch as the attractions did eat up a lot of time, I guess we were here around 2:30 PM so the place was quite empty apart from other customers who came in quite late as well. We quite like what the offer here hence it was quite hard to choose, so after a few minutes of deliberation we finally have something on mind.

First on order was this Red Snapper & Sesame Paste w/ Dash Soup ¥950.00, I really liked this, it was a set meal which comes with Miso Soup, Pickles and Tea Flavoured Broth. It is quite filling and I love the dressing on that snapper, its mildly sweet, nutty and so filled with umami. The Tea Flavoured Broth was quite surprising as well, it came in a tea pot and I thought it was just a normal tea but on first sip I felt like I am drinking some bone broth, so light but very tasty.

We also had this Deep-Fried Chicken and Vegetables w/ Black Vinegar Sauce Set Meal ¥780.00, this too was quite surprising, it was like a Chinese sweet and sour dish but stickier, sweeter but not too acidic. This as well came as a set with rice, miso and pickles.

And for the last one we ordered as well this Deep-Fried Chicken and Sashimi Set Meal ¥920.00. Karaage and Sashimi what can go wrong? this was the deal. The crispy chicken matched the silky-smooth sashimi, this was a good combo, in fact I want more of it.

We loved this place, in fact this one of the restaurants we dined in where we were completely satisfied, not that others did not satisfy us, this place just really filled our tummies with just one order each, add to that ¥80.00 for any lunch drink (your choice of beer), you will be all sorted.

Tsukiji Shokudo Gen-chan
Address: Japan, 〒170-0013 Tokyo, Toshima, Higashiikebukuro, 3丁目1番, 3F


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