Bizarre, Interesting and Funny Japanese Food

English is not Japans first language, some of them even struggle to communicate with foreigners so I guess we can all understand by now why these funny food products exist. Before I only see this on others people blogs but now I have first-hand account on some of them, and yes they do exist and its normal for the Japanese people, its only us the tourists find it funny.

While I haven’t found the weirdest things I have my ample share to the wonderful world on the internet. So let’s start with the subtle ones.

How about mixing Cheese and Almond on a rice cracker?

I think it’s not that crazy just a bit unusual. How about some Matcha Caramel Corn?

Yeah Matcha is big in Japan and they put it in almost everything

Let’s get a bit more unusual, we all love marshmallow but will you still like it if it’s filled with black sesame seeds?

Or even coating rice crackers with chocolate?

or flavouring your favourite junk food with mayonnaise? Now this I find yummy.

Some is just being funny, remember PPAP ? Yes! he has a cookie brand now.

And it’s best to eat them while doing that catchy dance.
Now what’s this Mixed Up Salt all about? isn’t that when you mix salt it is still salt?

Moving on to savouries, how about some pizza on your ramen?

And when you get thirsty after eating that grab some of this Vegetable juice, and you though Tomato juice was a bad idea.

If you don’t like that well then just drink sweat? yeah Pocari’s sweat?

If that’s not disgusting enough how about some creamy colon for a snack?

Then finish it off with a Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

But if you don’t want to give some to your girlfriend then get this super exclusive Pocky just for men

and instead give her a turtle sushi perhaps?

Just kidding! I think they cook these ones.

Anyways If you are interested in any of these products there are lots of Japanese online store that can deliver worldwide. So are you ready to give them a go, order now.


3 Responses

  1. its always interesting to pay attention to other countries snacks. Although I have to say chocolate covered potato chips are not that unique. I have had them before its sweet and salty! Definitely a dessert though not a common snack!

  2. Juliana says:

    This is such a fun and funny post Raymund…thanks for putting it together…
    I hope you are having a nice week 🙂

  3. suituapui says:

    Eyewwww….sweat! And PPAP!!!

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