Roast Beef Star (Aeon Mall, Kyoto, Japan)

I think this is one of the last meals we had in Japan and by this time our cravings for a big chunk of meat is very high on the chart luckily we found this in Aeon Mall after doing our last round of shopping. Located on the food court I guess on level 5 this is quite easy to find and there are ample of dining spaces around.

This place specializes only on one item on the menu and it is the stacked thinly sliced roast beef topped with raw egg. There were 4 size options where price ranges from ‎small size which costs ¥790.00 to the mega size that costs ‎¥1290.00. I was planning to get the large ¥990.00 but luckily I asked how big is the difference on all sizes, while the cannot speak English very well they conveyed it by showing the bowls and how they fill them up.

What I noticed is that as the bowl got bigger the only amount that increases is the cooked rice which is automatically dispensed using a fresh cooked rice dispenser that you punch the size of the bowl, similar to the soft drink dispenser on fast food. I am not sure if they understood my question but the meat portion did not increase so we just ordered the smallest one since we are after the meat not the amount of rice. I don’t know, the Japanese might have a different hunger priority than me, I guess they like rice more than the meat hence it was the case.

As for the meal itself well the beef was cooked to my expectation, medium rare which made it juicy and really tasty, if you are not a fan of the raw egg well don’t worry as they are served on top of a hot steaming rice so once you mix it in your meal it will cook partly due to the residual heat.

It was a good solution for our meat craving, it’s as meaty as you can get in Japan specially if you are in a budget/

Roast Beef Star
Address: 4F / 432 Restaurant & Food Court Café, Aeon Mall, Minami Ward, 京都市南区 Kyoto Prefecture 601-8417, Japan
Phone: +8175 693 8140


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  1. suituapui says:

    Just wondering, is the beef there nicer than New Zealand’s? We get imported frozen beef from NZ but of course, nothing like eating it fresh.

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