Street Food Capital of Japan – A Visual Essay

Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, Grilled Snow Crabs, Crepes, Sushi, Gyoza, Waffles, Dango, the list goes on and what is this all about? Well that’s what you can expect in the Street Food Capital of Japan, nowhere else but Osaka. I wanted to name it as a street food capital of the world but that’s quite a bold statement specially when I had visited only 26 countries (averaging 5 cities on each country) out of 196, I still have to explore the 170 left for me to properly confirm that. But even so of that 26 countries I can bet you nothing can beat the scene here in Osaka more specifically Dotombori.

That street at the rear of that famous Glico’s running man is a treasure trove of amazing sight, scent and flavour where most of your Japanese top food to try list will most probably have fulfilled. I suggest when you visit this place do it with an empty stomach and a big appetite as you will run out of tummy space when you want to try what this street has to offer. I will not list every food and establishment I tried here so you won’t be bored but I will present to you a visual essay and I will leave your imagination to play around.

If you haven’t been here I totally suggest that you visit this even just once specially if you are a foodie, it’s a foodie’s heaven on earth.


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  1. Wow that is just amazing, I would have to do sevaral small daily trips lol. Look at the crab. And yeah spotted the abd translation Sotf Dorinks lol.

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