Kit Kat Flavours in Japan

I don’t know what’s with Japan and why they have this amazing Kit Kat flavours not commonly heard of, it’s real and I was lucky to try some of them. Before I only see this things in Pinterest or even list type blogs but now I have the first dibs on trying them out.

At first it was quite hard to find the others flavours because the first time we saw a shop in Osaka that sells these there were only three flavours, we moved on to other shops and same thing. Where do we find the others? Well if you travel a lot across Japan you will notice flavours will change depending on what prefecture you are in because they have local varieties. There are also specialty ones and the common one which are the three items I usually see.

So let’s run though the ones we tried starting with the common ones.

Perhaps the most popular outside of Japan is this flavour, the Green Tea. If you like green tea specially the Matcha then this Kit Kat is for you, it tastes exactly like matcha and its good but for others they think of it as a grass, sweet grass that is.

I am not sure if this is Dark Chocolate as there are no English description of it but they taste like Dark Chocolate.

Ever wondered what Cherry Blossom taste like, why not try it on a Kit Kat. No this is not the Sakura tea version but the flower version, when opening the KitKat Cherry Blossom, its pink with a very sweet cherry scent. It taste like white chocolate with hints of cherry, it’s sweeter than the normal ones.

Now this is the green tea version of the above. It tastes somewhere between Green Tea and the Cherry Blossom, so if green tea is too strong for you give this a shot you might like it.

Take note Wa-Ichigo is different from the strawberry version, this one is made with “Tochiotome strawberries” which is a tartier and sweeter version of the usual strawberries, in this KitKat you will already notice the tartness on the first bite.

Now on to the regional variants

The souvenir from Kobe, its again sweeter then the brown chocolate variants but with a fruity custardy taste of the Kobe Pudding

Perhaps for me the oddest flavour in here, it’s Wasabi done in a sweet milky form. It’s really hard to taste the wasabi at first but after you finish one whole bar then you can start to identify it, it does not give you the wasabi sensation but it has its grassy unique flavour.

This is another different treat made with Hokkaido melon and mascarpone cheese. On first bite you will already know it is made with melon but the mascarpone cheese is just a hint and it is sandwiched in the wafers and not as a part of the white chocolate.

Finally some Limited Edition ones

Kit Kat Chocolatory Moleson, the first KitKat with toppings. Yes it’s not your normal boring flat KitKat as this one is topped with fruits and nuts, cranberries and almonds to be precise.

Yes it is flavoured with Sake and packaged in a sake shaped box. Don’t worry you will not get drunk with one as it only contains 0.8% alcohol. Basically a white chocolate covered wafer with a sake after-taste and yes the heat of sake shot is present on every bite.

Well there you have it, I know this is just a small portion of the many KitKat flavours ever created but it’s a totally unique experience to try this all out. How about you have you tried other KitKat flavours listed above? Let me know what they are by commenting below.


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  1. Yi says:

    Just came back from Japan and this reminds me of shopping at those snack stores just a few days ago. But seriously, the Japanese seem to have a real obsession with their kit kats. I couldn’t help but had to buy a few pack of different flavors to bring back to the States.
    I didn’t see the Kobe pudding one but everything else was in my collection :)

  2. Juliana says:

    Oh…I love kit kat and the only variety I tried was the green tea/matcha when I was in Taiwan…I would love to try them all…thanks for this fun post Raymund!
    I hope you are having a fantastic week :)

  3. suituapui says:

    We have those Japanese ones here, not cheap, of course. I quite like the green tea/matcha one.

  4. Great round up. Wasabi and sake if flavor is a new one since we were living there. So what one is your favorite? Are you there now during Sakura season? Hope you are doing well. Take care

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